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[REVIEW] Meat by Joseph D'Lacey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kynthos-the-Archer by: Curiosity got the better of me.
Recommended for: Die-hard horror fans
Read from June 09 to 16, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1 

5 Stars for this Gloriously Depraved and Shockingly Disturbing Horror Fiction

MEAT was set in a dystopian world where veganism is blasphemous and punishable by gruesome death. Richard Shanti, a top cattle stunning stockman proudly known as 'Ice Pick' was a legendary figure in Abyrne. No one would have thought he would be risking not only his life but his family's as well for denying meat as his sustenance. Shanti was torn between protecting his family and appeasing his tumultuous conscience that is killing him slowly each day.

Abyrne is a small town surrounded by wasteland and it is the only piece of land left habitable post apocalypse. Nothing survives outside the boundary of the town. There's no where to go but to obediently abide to the oppressive ruling of two power-players in control of the town's fate. One being the unyielding religious group preaching from the Book of Giving and the Gut Psalter, where the flesh of the Chosen is the gift from God, thereby rejecting meat is to denounce God's teaching. Magnus Meat Processing was they other tyrannical presence. MMP was own by Rory Magnus a vile and unscrupulous mobster businessman. Fundamentally it was a political tug-of-war between the corporate and the religious authorities. Both are power craze and just as ruthless as the other in subjugating Abyrne townsfolks.

Although the setting and atmosphere of this book is utmost violent and morbid, the message within was eye-opening, thought provoking and surprisingly benign. One would most certainly be more aware of how those juicy tender meat cuts came to be before they fry their next batch of steak. Something has to die yes, but in what manner and state of mind? Should one care about how much their steak suffer before ending up on the plate since we aren't talking about people here? Do animals not experience pain and fear just like us? Lots of questions of such nature would swirls around in your mind and suddenly McDonald's aren't as tempting as before. Then again I am no longer a heavy meat eater ever since some years back. Nowadays I am mainly on seafood and at times chicken when I feel the need. Well, losing a few teeth did helped.

While the message on animal rights and veganism is clear, it wasn't in any way preachy since D'Lacey wouldn't let his reader forget this is ultimately a horror science fiction story. The horror aspect of the book was so forefront and at full blast there is not a moment your skin would stop crawling or that your gut could stop churning. I am very impressed by D'Lacey's skills of inducing and maintaining fear. I have lost count of how many times I had to suppress my urge to regurgitate my stomach content from intensity of the mutilation and gore. Frankly the book elicits great deal of emotions from me -- I felt shocked, angry, sad, frustrated then scared shitless and lastly a little blood thirsty due to potent need to avenge the wronged and abused. My brain was pulverized, it was like being put through the meat grinder over and over again while still alive and kicking.

I could not forget one particular violent death scene of a certain townsfolk at the slaughterhouse which is now haunting me days and nights. Then another equally terrifying scene brought up an extremely unpleasant memory of a killing scene I have watched on video thanks to an overenthusiastic friend wanting to share her discovery. Till today I could not get that horrible image of that video out of my mind no matter how hard I tried. I guess it's true that some traumas goes deeper than we know. Like the touch of a hot branding iron searing flesh, forever marking me with its imprint. The extreme gory nature of MEAT did the same thing to me yet I am in awe of the author's no-holds-barred approach with the fear factor. D'Lacey does not pull any punches. It all connects with full impact.

I did not attempt to retell or summarize the story much because it would be a disservice to everyone. Therefore I am mainly sharing how I feel about it. Truthfully, MEAT is a book you would have to read for yourself to understand the ingenuity of it and to gain full undiluted experience from it I would advise against reading any reviews beforehand. Go into the story as uninformed as possible and let it knock down all or any reservations and prior perspectives you might have.

I was very surprised when I found out that MEAT was actually a debut novel of Joseph D'Lacey. It was unbelievably well written, curiously compelling and utterly bone-chilling. No wonder he had won the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer in 2009 thanks to this astounding book. I am unsure if I have the guts to watch the film adaptation of it which is now in the works, but I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to everyone especially to die-hard horror fans. Fright-addicts would certainly adore it.

Care for some pork ribs, anyone?
‘God is supreme. The flesh is sacred.’
Hiss. Clunk.

Title: Meat
Publication Date: February 1st, 2008
Publisher: Beautiful Books
Genre: Horror Science Fiction
Type: Novel, approximately 106,522 words
Major characters: Richard Shanti (Ice Pick/Ice Pick Rick is the protagonist) / John Colins (the Messiah/Prophet) / Rory Magnus (Meat Baron) / Bob Torrance (MMP Chain Manager) / Greville Snipe (MMP Dairy Supervisor) / The Grand Bishop (Welfare/Religious Group) / Mary Simonson (Welfare/Religious Group) / Bruno (Meat Baron's Henchman)

horror, science fiction/fantasy, supernatural, special abilities, mutilation, extreme body modification, gore, killing, murder, cannibalism, dictatorship, oppressive government, dystopia, post apocalypse, livestock farming, slaughterhouse, farming ethics

Abyrne is a decaying town, trapped by an advancing wilderness. Its people depend on meat for survival. Meat is sanctified and precious, eaten with devout solemnity by everyone.But a handful of people suspect Abyrne is evil, rotten to its religious heart. They're prepared to sacrifice everything for the truth. What goes on in the meat processing plant? Where does meat really come from? The townsfolk are hungry. The townsfolk must be fed... You'll never look at meat in the same way again.

★|| KOBOBOOKS ; ||★|| BARNES & NOBLE ||★|| AMAZON; ||★

* Reviewed on June 18th, 2014


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[WANT-TO-READ] Beasts Inside: Potency by A. A. Samuel

I know the blurb was one of those what-the-fuck types. But never say never right?

I am certainly curious about that anthropomorphic red panda and what the hell is a romantic werewolf tentacle violence????

Truthfully I have never read any books with anthropomorphic characters before and I wonder how it works out in a M/M erotica.

So yeah, I am not sure if furries works well for me. But take a look at this dude below, he is kinda cool right?
He reminds me of Guin of Guin Saga, a fantasy novel series by a Japanese author, Kaoru Kurimoto.

Friday, 6 June 2014

[REVIEW] Otoko Benten Enbun Roku by Youka Nitta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read on June 06, 2014

Nitta sensei's art never fail to enthrall me.

The storyline is pretty interesting. A foreigner was mesmerized by the beauty of an androgynous youth who was prostituting himself on the street. Little does he knows, said youth was more than what was perceived on the outside. Looks can deceive especially for a young virile man yet to learn the pleasure of the same-sex.

The sex scenes in it was absolutely scorching hot! As usual, Nitta sensei's works has the best sex scenes. She always delivers when it comes to smex.

* Reviewed on June 6th, 2014


Thursday, 5 June 2014

[REVIEW] Harder: Eat it / Natural / Push It by Audrey Grace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kynthos-the-Archer by: Lilia Ford
Recommended for: Scifi erotica readers. Tentacle erotica beginners.
Read from September 26, 2013 to June 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1 

Giving this tentacle erotica series a 3 Stars. There's still a lot of room for improvement.

Harder is compilation of 3 stories as per below:

Story #1: Eat It - 3 Stars plus
Read from September 29 to 30, 2013
- Writing is pretty good, nice tension and the tentacle sex wasn't bad just that the character needs to show more inner emotion especially during the ravishment. I also not happy about a filler sex scene. (Check my review for more details)

Story #2: Natural - 2 Stars only
Read from October 01 to 02, 2013
- Spent too much time in the worldbuilding, neglected the theme of the book. The tentacle sex scenes was under-develop. Characters did not react realistically.(Check my review for more details)

Story #3: Push It 3.5 Stars
Read from June 04 to 05, 2014
- Could have blown my mind away if it has gone all out with the tentacle sex. That part still lacks intensity. It's even tame enough for tentacle erotica beginners. (Check my review for more details)

Whoah, at em go. Beautiful and scary at the same time.

* Finished reviewing of this series on June 4th, 2014


[REVIEW] Push It by Audrey Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Scifi erotica readers. Tentacle erotica beginners.
Read from June 04 to 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1
Recommended by Lilia Ford on Aug 16, 2013 08:59pm

3.5 Stars. Could have blown my mind away if it has gone all out with the tentacle sex. That part still lacks intensity. It's even tame enough for tentacle erotica beginners

This is the 3rd story from the Harder Series. And it's the best out of the three stories within. Possibly on par with Charlotte Mistry's Gay Tentacles From Space!. Both has a space exploration setting and atmospheric writing. Even the tentacles monster is similar in some ways. The biggest difference was the consent part. Mistry's Gay Tentacles from Space was noncon all the way which was my favorite kind of tentacles smexing, whereas believe it or not Push It was actually consensual through and through. (not exactly a spoiler as it was already implied on the blurb itself).

One thing I am pretty sure is that this book gave me lots of brain activities -- just take a look at my updates on it. My mind was all over the place, in a good and a bad way. The story got me rather excited at several points in the book and then it was ruined by a big WTF moment which I could not ignore enough to continue enjoying the ride as much as I did before. That tentacles morphing idea was foolish and too cartoonish for my taste. It has totally smother the sexual fire that the initial tentacle sex scenes has build-up. But do not despair just yet because somehow the author managed to salvage it enough to revive my interest again. One word of advice, tentacle sex should stay as tentacle sex, changing the core essence would disappoint reader's expectations. Since this book is marketed as tentacle erotica, it's only natural for readers to expect lots of squiggly wriggly action in the smexing. No?

I have to salute Captain Horatio for his principle in life, "Fuck it before it fucks you over". Wise thinking right? I just didn't expect him to be so literal about it. Heh, he's such a horny guy. Just the right man to counter alien invasion. I suspect he's a xenophile and didn't even know it.

Sighhhh... if only the smexing was anything like this:
I wish for this kind of intensity when it comes to tentacle smexing. I could cum just by looking at this picture.

Instead I got something like this:
It wasn't bad but it could have been better. Would be more satisfying if the tentacle sex goes all the way. And I love it when the boys gets dirtied by the monster's zealous attention.

Title: Push It
Author: Audrey Grace
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2012
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: Scifi M/M Erotica
Type: Short Story, approximately 10,000 words
Tags/Keywords: consensual, entrapment, science fiction, space exploration, beyond earth, alien, extraterrestrial, spacewalk, space travel, tentacles monster, tentacles alien, masturbation, anal sex, gay sex, oral sex, xenophilia

Captain Horatio Hammond and his crew are ice pushers. They shoot asteroids with high ice content into Earth's orbit to be mined for fresh water. When assigned to push a giant cosmic iceberg, one that will guarantee them billions of dollars, Horatio is wary. He's not popular with the company, and wonders why they gave the assignment to him.

His suspicions are confirmed when a giant three-tentacled alien life form erupts from the iceberg, and with a uniquely sexual appetite...

This scorching 10,000+ word novelette depicts Horatio's encounter with the alien tentacle entity, along with graphic descriptions of gay alien tentacle sex, including mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, and a mind-blowing conclusion.

★|| AMAZON ||★|| KOBOBOOKS ||★

* Reviewed on June 5th, 2014


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

[REVIEW] Brethren, Life In Bondage: Book Two by F.B. Peaches

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Sadomasohism, D/S & TPE fans
Read from February 19 to June 03, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1 

Hellish sadomasochism play here. Ranges from consensual to non-consensual. Lots of cringe-worthy tortures. I am sorry to say Book Two isn't my cup of tea. I can't stand pain especially when inflicted upon females. More so when it is directed at the private parts. Owwwweee.... vagina burns! Makes me wish I am not a woman.

Basically Book Two is about a Slave Boarding Service run by a couple of cruel dominants. The concept itself is fascinating but the harsh tortures kinda puts me off. I guess I am mainly a bondage kinda girl. That's why Book One rocks my world. Actually there are also lots of bondage scenes here but since it was all aimed at delivering extreme pain, I couldn't get into enjoying it much. Pain that does not followed by pleasure for the sub was a deal breaker for me.

I must confess I am now curious bout Book Three due to the snippet at the end of this book. I am guessing it involves Adult Baby play with forced regression and perhaps bit of body modification. Too bad this series only focus on female subs. Sighhhh

I am giving Book Two a 3 stars in view of the boldness and creativity. Although it didn't strike my fancy I am certain it would be a hit for sadomasochism readers especially if they are also into extreme bondage.

Author: F.B. Peaches
Publication Date: October 5th, 2012
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: Alternate Universe M/F Erotica
Type: Short Story, approximately 13,723 words
Tags/Keywords: dubcon-noncon, consensual, slavery, slave boarding, slave training, slave conditioning, extreme bondage, sadomasochism, maledom, femdom, dom, domme, submissive, dominance-submission, D/S, sadistic masters/mistress, pain, abuse, lashing, whipping, confinement, sensory deprivation, sexual organ torture, tortures, breast torture, heterosexual, rape, enema, forced feeding, TPE, total power exchange

Old school bondage meets with high Tech fetish, in this, the second book in the Brethren series. With a respectful nod to House of Gord and maybe just a touch of Insex, Fb presents a feast of flesh and fetish, purely for your titillation. Practising submissive and hoarder of all things kinky she knows exactly what buttons to push!

Brethren, book two
The world has moved on. The stuff of fantasy has become reality but most important of all, there is now absolute truth. Advances in technology mean citizens are no longer able to lie to the law givers. Those dispensing justice can do so without fear of punishing the innocent. Society is no longer prepared to keep or tolerate those who choose to do harm.

And so the Brethren have arisen.

They offer the world another way, a natural justice. They keep the criminals contained and restrained whilst indulging their fetishes and desires. Criminals are presented to the Brethren to live out their days owned and degraded . Within the city's and county's given over to the elite of the Brethren, normality is subjective. Segregated from the rest of society they indulge without prejudice or interference.


* Reviewed on June 4th, 2014

NOTE: This is a review copy extended to me by the author.

[REVIEW] Collared by Kari Gregg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended for: TPE and D/S readers
Read from May 28 to June 03, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

3.5 Stars for this testosterone-dazed world of genetic mutation. Gotta love the classical dance of the prey and the predator

I love and appreciate the originality of the premise - A crops engineering disaster caused the mutation of human genetics which leads to dramatic increase in aggressive traits in 99% of the population, only 1% was on the opposite scale. This 1% in the population was known as 'the anomalies'. The mutation has affected them differently as their submissive traits was increased dramatically, so much so that they are no longer capable of self-preservation. These anomalies are in constant state of confusion induced by fear hence in need of a strong protector to survive the new world order in which their kinds are stripped of all rights and status. Soon they are going to be nothing but slaves or pets for the dominants to toy with as they like. Just a piece of property to be owned and used as their betters deemed fit. Needless to say such a premise with absolute power-imbalance as the driving force, angst is a guaranteed scenario. In other words, this a total angst junkie fix.

Connor's state of mind was pretty convincing. We get to witness his struggles to adapt to the rapid changes in his environment and the deterioration of his control over his own will as the mutation takes hold of his mind.

In the name of protection Connor's boss collared him as temporary measure until a suitable master is found. Although Connor craves for David Martin to be his Sir permanently, David was unable to reciprocate as he is straight and already has a fiancée. How would David's fiancée reacts to Connor and would he have a chance to call David his Sir?

Connor has admired handsome Emmett Drake long before the disaster struck. And now he was overwhelmed by Emmett's attention and domineering pursuit to own him as his pet. Does Emmett only sees him as a mere toy to break or was Connor more than just a piece of property?

The journey towards total submission is an extra difficult road for Connor to travel. His previous painful relationship with his abusive ex-lover has left a deep mental scar behind. A broken Connor coupled with his newfound uncontrollable need to submit was torn in trusting another man again. To him it was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, only this time it was an inferno waiting for him. Would he be consumed by the fire or rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

One man is home and safety the other excites and scratches Connor's itch for deep submission. Who should he surrender his heart and soul to? This unique dystopia story would certainly appeal to D/S and TPE fans. And like I've said before, angst-junkies would also be pleased with it.

I was drawn into the story just after a couple of pages. Got me some of those lovely body-tingles I loved so much whenever a story touches my kinks in a feel-good way. Nice orgasmic little buzz all over until David starts to get on my nerve. To me he is a selfish greedy bastard who wants the best of both worlds. I am not happy with the way he treats his fiancée as it was very unfair, it clearly shows us his unfaithful adulterous heart. I also didn't like the way David thinks he has the right to ask for Connor's submission when he knows perfectly well he could not answer Connor's real needs. David is just a goddamn cockblocker to me! Yeah, I root for Emmett to be Connor's master all the way. At least Emmett knows what he is doing and he has the capacity to give Connor what he deserved and needs. Gawd! I nearly strangled Connor over his indecisiveness in choosing between the two. The maths was so easy a two years old could solved it. NO. I am not happy with that superficial ending. It felt rushed and unreal. I couldn't reconcile David's action at all. So fuck that ending!

Okay so aside from the body-tingles what I did love about this story was the focus on the D/S and the uber hot sex scenes. Two studly doms aggressively posturing each other for dominance in order to fight for the ownership of a sub was way hot. Additionally the premise captured my attention as well as my heart. Oh and the angst was pretty satisfying too.

Title: Collared
Author: Kari Gregg
Publication Date: November 28th, 2011
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: Gay Dystopia Fiction, Erotica, Science Fiction
Type: Novella, approximately 33,573 words
Main Characters: Connor Witt (MC), David Martin (Secondary Character), Emmett Drake (Secondary Character)
Tags/Keywords: dystopia, genetic mutation, genetic disaster, D/S, dominance-submission, master-slave, master-pet, slave fiction, slavefic, TPE (total-power-exchange), BDSM, alternate universe, dom-sub, collaring, collar

Trans-Global IT director Connor Witt is a rare and prized anomaly: the aggression centers in his brain have been suppressed rather than stimulated by the mutated crops that so recently took over the world’s food supply. Bewildered by his physical changes and terrified of a world growing more and more predatory, Connor risks harassment and worse until Trans-Global CEO David Martin collars Connor to protect him against men like security consultant Emmett Drake. Men who stalk Connor as sweet, sexy prey. Men to whom the newly submissive Connor feels irresistibly drawn.

But David can’t be Connor’s master; David’s straight. He promises to find a worthy man, though. One willing to court and appreciate Connor as more than just some rich man’s toy.

While the world adapts to the biological disaster and new laws strip away Connor’s rights, David’s resolve to protect his boy slowly grows into something more. But can his new desires keep pace with Emmett’s determination to claim Connor?

One man offers safety; the other is a safer bet. Problem is, Connor’s never sure which is which. The one thing he does know? He wants them both.


* Reviewed on June 3rd, 2014