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[REVIEW] Gamble Everything by Cari Waites

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Recommended for: those who enjoy depraved mindfucks.
Read from August 07 to 12, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

5 full stars cos I floated in subspace

I blame my swollen bottom lip on this piece of mindfuck extraordinaire. It had me nibbling on my lip every so often trying to distract myself from the fierce intensity of the mind-blowing scenes and ocean of feels it invoke.

Overall, the story has a nice flow to it and promotes smooth reading experience. The characters stays in character, how nice is that. I love all the mindfucking Archer did to poor Danny aka Daniel aka Baby-boy. Archer's method of unmaking Danny to create Daniel could give the best psychologist a run for their money.

Archer plays Danny's body and mind like a fine tuned piece of musical instrument. He's so good he makes Danny aches for more even though he was repulsed by it. Archer had effectively turned Danny into Daniel, his affectionate baby-boy who finds joy in his boy-pussy especially when his daddy plays with it.

It was utmost fascinating and arousing to watch the training and reconditioning of Danny's mind. All those fierce canings and the after-cares by Archer was exquisite and most effective in molding Danny's mind to become Daniel. This part of the story kind of reminds me of Home Trained For You by Selim whereby the protagonist's identity was forcefully ripped away to be replaced by an ideal of his captor's choice by way of harsh punishments and some gentler coaxing of soft praises and rewards. Should anyone has similar stories like these please do rec it to me for I have deep fascination with how a mind could bend to another's will the right amount of inner and outer conditioning.

At first I had thought that the author is going for D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder)* and that this is what Archer is aiming at when he was training Danny to become his ideal boy. Then, this theory was dispelled when that blows-me-away ending wraps everything up nice and tight. I was left in a daze of what had just took place and was in much awe to be able think clearly. I even had to reread that scene to shake off my state of shock. *Note: Home Trained For You by Selim has D.I.D - which is why I find it most engrossing.

Whatcha gonna get from this book (just to name a few):
  • Hurt-comfort - it is so good it will make your body purrs.
  • Orgasm denial - a caged cock is frustratingly arousing to the readers as well. It was utterly blissful whenever Danny gets to release his sexual tension via his boy-pussy or during rare occasions when he was rewarded a 'release' for good behavior *mind floods with endorphin*.
  • Enema - 'The Chair' only makes it all the more erotic - All that futile struggling and going no way. *Sighs contently*
  • Sounding - The Chair + Teddy = delightful combination to up the eroticism. Soon, Daniel boy was stuffed and fucked.
  • Fisting - in 'The Chair' of course! Poor Daniel suffers so beautifully for his daddy. Teddy da Bear was there to hold his hands all the way too.
  • Multiple Partners - Sharing is caring?
  • Toys - oh, don't forget the toys. A good boy must have toys - in this case, an ever growing butt plug to seal the deal.
  • Bondage - usually minor ones like wrist cuff but upped a few notch when he's in 'The Chair'.
  • Age-play - top to toe, down to every details - little boy's cartoon T-Shirts, PJs, Boxer briefs with the flap at the back, Shorts, bedroom full of robots, aeroplanes, spaceships, moon and bean bag plus many more kiddo stuff to content with. Just missing the diapers (bummer that).
  • Daddy-kink - when you have age-play in M/M of course it must go hand in hand with a Daddy in tow. This daddy has a real firm hands. His dominant controlling ways are very sexy.
He treats me like a child, and I don’t mean that in some whiny teenage way. I mean he literally treats me like a child. I wear kids’ clothes. I sleep in a bedroom with a robot poster on the wall, a beanbag on the floor, and coloring-in books on the shelves. I eat cereal for breakfast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.
At night, he tucks me in.
Then fucks me.
I call him Daddy.
He calls me his baby boy
I know this excerpt/quote sounds crazy to some of you and you might think that this is just another one of those plotless PWP smut-galore. All I could say is that, wait till it blows you to smithereens. I dare you to get your mindfuck dosage here.

Ahh, what a ride this was. I was positively tripping over all those free flowing unrestrained angst. I am both drowning and floating in it. Loving every bit of this feeling and savoring every moment of it. When Daniel floats in subspace, I find myself floating along.

Once again I am going to say, I strongly recommend this book to those who could enjoy mindfucks even if it is on the depraved side of things. Imho, this is THE finest mind-bending erotica!

NOTE: I would advise those who MUST have Safe Words and such in their D/S stories to turn away from this book right now. The rest of you, please step this way and have fun in this succulent piece of fantasy.


August 12th, 2013:- 
My god, this is the BIGGEST mind fuckery EVER! I am still trying to catch my breath now. What an ending. So wrong yet so right. 

I've been totally mindfucked and loved every moment and milliseconds of it. Such an intense book this was. Many would have thought that this is just one of those plotless smut-galore. Wait till it blows you AWAY to smithereens. Then you will learn to NEVER EVER judge a book by its cover again. 

I got what I wanted from the book. In fact, it gave me more than what I expected from it. So much more that it broke my emotional dam and I am drowning in it yet savoring every minute of that feeling. I am floating. 

I strongly recommend this to those who enjoyed mind fucks. This is THE finest! 

I will try to review properly once I get my head back on straight.

August 7th, 2013:  
This series is now also available at SMASHWORDS as a bundle or 7 books (whole series) for only USD3.99 - Superb! 

Smashwords link: 

( ^◡^)っ ❤ Go get yours now if you haven't already. 

I have just added this Bundle edition into GR database for ease of review. I am going to do my updates and review on this thread instead rather than the previous single book thread

I really think I am going to love this book very much since it has age-play/infantilism AND it's M/M too. Such a rare combination. I want moar already! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[REVIEW] Surrogate Species by Mother Kali

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kynthos-the-Archer by: Stumbled upon it on the naughty internet section.
Recommended for: Mpreg lovers with guts of steel.
Read from August 12 to 13, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Read it here: 

I am giving this a 4 stars since I AM KINKY and I don't need anyone to forgive me for that.

Suddenly the crude term 'suck dick and 'asshole' took on a whole new benign meaning.

I just can't help but feel that the author somehow meant for this this story to be a parody of mpreg fictions? There are quite a number times where I burst out laughing while reading the delicate process of birthing and nursing.

I have to warn you that.... The insemination was BRUTAL. The birthing was BRUTAL. The nursing? I don't think I wanna go there. Find out for yourself if you have the guts. Somehow, the birthing actually made me think of a 'reversed-fisting'. However, I have to salute the author for his/her bravery of putting this story on paper and daring to explore beyond the norms. The effect? A story that promised to push all set boundaries.

One pretty interesting fact was that the abused species was not ever disclosed as humans, just some implications and the readers are left to make their own conclusion. I mean, they could have been Elves or any other humanoids lifeforms for all we know.

There are 3 different type of species in this story. One being the militarian species on the brink of extinction, the second was a cold emotionless highly organized society of hybrid genderless biotech scientists and lastly the human-like species treated as livestock or merchandise to repopulate said dying militarian species.

You should have guessed by now that the gist of this story was of a dying alien species in desperate need of a good biological incubator for their microspawn and an ever efficient business-minded species catered to this need by supplying unwillingly modified compatible humanoids as said incubators. The only catch is that... they are all males of course since this is an mpreg. What did surprised me was that this is also an alien-gay-for-you of sorts with a touch of budding romance towards the end especially. Which I would love for it to be developed further into. Too bad this is just a short story so bummer on that.

I want more. Wish for more. Although this story makes me feel a gamut of conflicting emotions (especially that offspring nursing part).

One thing I can be sure of is that you will be greatly offended by this story if you were to take it too seriously. ;)

Previous comments:

August 12, 2013:

Since Yblees has threatened to beat my ass shud she find any squick stuff in this one, I figure I shud read it now too. So I would know if my ass would be in any danger or not.

To be on the safe side, I am reading this in a secluded cave.

August 11, 2013:

This is that MPREG I've found yesterday while surfing the net. This one is NOT for everyone.... yet again. I would advise to heed the warning tags provided by the author.

I've skimmed a little bit of it and it was B R U T A L. Yet, I can't stop myself from laughing my head off over the discussion on the birthing process in the 1st chapter where they were talking about the body modifications they did to these poor human subjects.

I must be insane.