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[REVIEW] Push It by Audrey Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Scifi erotica readers. Tentacle erotica beginners.
Read from June 04 to 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1
Recommended by Lilia Ford on Aug 16, 2013 08:59pm

3.5 Stars. Could have blown my mind away if it has gone all out with the tentacle sex. That part still lacks intensity. It's even tame enough for tentacle erotica beginners

This is the 3rd story from the Harder Series. And it's the best out of the three stories within. Possibly on par with Charlotte Mistry's Gay Tentacles From Space!. Both has a space exploration setting and atmospheric writing. Even the tentacles monster is similar in some ways. The biggest difference was the consent part. Mistry's Gay Tentacles from Space was noncon all the way which was my favorite kind of tentacles smexing, whereas believe it or not Push It was actually consensual through and through. (not exactly a spoiler as it was already implied on the blurb itself).

One thing I am pretty sure is that this book gave me lots of brain activities -- just take a look at my updates on it. My mind was all over the place, in a good and a bad way. The story got me rather excited at several points in the book and then it was ruined by a big WTF moment which I could not ignore enough to continue enjoying the ride as much as I did before. That tentacles morphing idea was foolish and too cartoonish for my taste. It has totally smother the sexual fire that the initial tentacle sex scenes has build-up. But do not despair just yet because somehow the author managed to salvage it enough to revive my interest again. One word of advice, tentacle sex should stay as tentacle sex, changing the core essence would disappoint reader's expectations. Since this book is marketed as tentacle erotica, it's only natural for readers to expect lots of squiggly wriggly action in the smexing. No?

I have to salute Captain Horatio for his principle in life, "Fuck it before it fucks you over". Wise thinking right? I just didn't expect him to be so literal about it. Heh, he's such a horny guy. Just the right man to counter alien invasion. I suspect he's a xenophile and didn't even know it.

Sighhhh... if only the smexing was anything like this:
I wish for this kind of intensity when it comes to tentacle smexing. I could cum just by looking at this picture.

Instead I got something like this:
It wasn't bad but it could have been better. Would be more satisfying if the tentacle sex goes all the way. And I love it when the boys gets dirtied by the monster's zealous attention.

Title: Push It
Author: Audrey Grace
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2012
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: Scifi M/M Erotica
Type: Short Story, approximately 10,000 words
Tags/Keywords: consensual, entrapment, science fiction, space exploration, beyond earth, alien, extraterrestrial, spacewalk, space travel, tentacles monster, tentacles alien, masturbation, anal sex, gay sex, oral sex, xenophilia

Captain Horatio Hammond and his crew are ice pushers. They shoot asteroids with high ice content into Earth's orbit to be mined for fresh water. When assigned to push a giant cosmic iceberg, one that will guarantee them billions of dollars, Horatio is wary. He's not popular with the company, and wonders why they gave the assignment to him.

His suspicions are confirmed when a giant three-tentacled alien life form erupts from the iceberg, and with a uniquely sexual appetite...

This scorching 10,000+ word novelette depicts Horatio's encounter with the alien tentacle entity, along with graphic descriptions of gay alien tentacle sex, including mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, and a mind-blowing conclusion.

★|| AMAZON ||★|| KOBOBOOKS ||★

* Reviewed on June 5th, 2014


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