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[REVIEW] Boss Man by hugh questorius

Boss Man

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kynthos-the-Archer by: Steelwhisper
Recommended for: S&M readers
Read on March 30, 2014, read count: 1

Something along the line of this...
Son: "Daddy, please trash me good. I beg of you."
Dad: "It would be my pleasure son."

Around 2.5 stars. Not exactly liking it nor did it excite me sexually, but I liked that it has put clear images in my mind although it was really short. Made me think of both of them -- on what drives them. I'll give credit to that.

Dad enjoys whupping his son hard. Son found what makes him ticks sexually and craves for more. I guess the same goes for the father too. Seems like they are fated to be together. A sadist and a masochist.

I might find it erotic IF I get to read their minds and experience that sexual rush both are apparently enjoying.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

[REVIEW] Purified by Brian Robert Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kynthos-the-Archer by: This is a Review Copy
Read from March 19 to 21, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Purified has a promising premise and theme, I loved the prose and I think that it could have been great if it wasn't for the weaknesses in the plotting and characterization. I find it difficult to relate to the characters as I felt that their motivations and behaviours are unrealistic. It made me constantly question their actions and reasonings. This is sad because I really do like the premise alot and it failed all because of a wonky execution.

If you wonder about the details to my conclusion especially the part about the plotting, please read this review because I wholly agree with that reviewer -- She. Nailed. It. Although please be warn that the review in the link is somewhat spoilerish.

* Reviewed on March 29th, 2014

* The author contacted me and extended this Review Copy to me for reviewing purpose.

P/S: I am not going to say I got this book in return for an honest review, because I think the word 'honest' here has been raped and exploited many times over. I am dead tired of it. I deemed that word redundant in a review disclaimer.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

[REVIEW] Blood Honey by Sakyou Yozakura

Blood HoneyBlood Honey by Sakyou Yozakura
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Recommended for: NO ONE.
Read on March 27, 2014, read count: 1

Blood Honey is just like a sugar fix. Nothing worth remembering. And that lame ending blew whatever minor redeemable features to smithereens. Tsk... tsk... tsk.

The sex scene wasn't even sexy, it felt pasted on. And I hate that trailing drool sticking onto the characters' mouth whenever they kiss. Ewwww... just ewww. How is that sexy? Having long strain of drool like a bridge between their panting mouth. :&

There is zero mean in this one. It was funny here and there but even that didn't pack enough punch. Just a book without soul and empty of meaning or value.

The artwork was unrefined, nothing to talk about really. Even the character's body proportion was out. 

* Reviewed on March 26th, 2014


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[REVIEW] One Shot by Rowan McBride

One Shot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Muscle fetish and hot manhandling fans
Read from March 23 to 24, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Taboo Office Affairs with a Wickedly Delicious Twist!

One shot for immunity,
One shot for aesthetic pursuit,
One shot for love

Afterall the path of our life depends on all those one shots (opportunities) we choose to take in life. There's no rewind or playback buttons in life. That's not a bad thing really if you were to see it as a catalyst to push us to live our life to the fullest and a cause to cherish what we have. Doesn't this makes everything you have sweeter and your journey more worthwhile?

Destiny is created by yourself and it isn't defined. You don't like your current reality? Then re-write it yourself. It's all you and in you!

The Story
A story about a flu vaccine that affects the physical appearance of those inoculated. This phenomena made the MC uncertain of his own standing. Peer pressure to be inoculated was great and he was receiving enormous pressure from Riley, a newbie under his team. Nick was no longer sure if aesthetic appeal has no part in his career advancement, his ego certainly needed a boost. Is he really that satisfied with the current him?

This is a fun and fascinating read. One Shot is an engaging and compelling romance with strong presence of fetishism (will talk about that part later) for the erotica aspect. The premise has a science fiction plot which freaks out the more delicate M/M readers. Luckily I happen to be a fan of such theme (will also talk about the theme later). I am a versatile reader even for erotica and it's a losing battle to count the number of kinks I have.

To me, this is an erotica despite the low sex scene count. In fact, the whole book is thick with a particular sexual fetishism although it's not a widely known one. Continue reading this review to find out what I am going on about. *sly smile*

The Main Characters
If you really want someone, then why hold back? Do what makes you happy. Life is short anyways. This phrase suits Riley Jameson the most. He is a go getter in life. He saw Nick Carlyle, liked him, and took his risk. He might not be great with flirting, but he has a good heart and was quite a romantic person. I do liked him very much because I wish I could be as courageous in life as him.

Nick Carlyle the main character of this book didn't have many friends but he is unquestionably a genius at his work although when it comes to the social aspect he is lacking and clueless. It took some time for him to endear to me, I am glad that he is able to accept his weaknesses and was brave enough to take a leap of faith in pursuit of happiness.

I wouldn't say they are made for each other even if they think physically they fit perfectly, but I do think Nick is certainly learning from Riley on how not to over analyze his life and actually live it for once. So Riley is a good thing for Nick. And Nick is great for Riley in other areas too. Partners that encourages mutual personal growth and development is always a good thing. They bring out the best of each other.

I love that both characters wasn't the perfect soul and that makes them all the more endearing, adorable and relatable.

About the Fetish and Terminology
The story was well written, I love the chemistry and sexual tension, plus the premise is a fascinating and memorable one. You know, I am actually having much fun laughing my heart out here because it seems that many didn't even know they read a book on muscle and growth fetish. These readers just find the premise odd and unconventional. In reality, this book is actually targeting readers with that fetish. As I've said, that kink dominates the whole book. And yet many says it's not heavy on sexy times. Lol. For me, the entire book was sexy as hell -- sexy times non-stop for readers with the right kink. Yeah baby! And that office molestation and dubcon sex scenes was hawt!

One more thing I don't get is why many readers tries to categorize this book as yaoi? Many other M/M books applies the larger top and smaller bottom or stronger top and weaker bottom recipe, so why is this any different? Other non-yaoi books also have those protesting and in denial bottoms and the same goes with the top pursuing the bottom plot. So what gives? Was it because vanilla innocent readers don't know what to make of that muscle fetish thingy and can't put a finger on this particular theme? For Japanese, yaoi is applicable to M/M romance as well you know? There is a difference between yaoi and shonen-ai tho, as the latter is meant for young adults since it does not contain explicit sexual content like yaoi. There isn't really any distinguishable differences between yaoi and M/M romance. It's just a term used by the Japanese to refer to homoerotic/homoromantic fiction. They would use it to refer to English language gay romance as well because that is Yaoi.

In a Nutshell
If you are a fan of couples with profound physical size difference, loves sexy manhandling in your story and adored sweet romances then this book is the perfect fit for you provided if you don't the mind physical growth and muscle fetish. Needless to say, this book caters to my unique fetishism perfectly. It was a joy to read and I have enjoyed it immensely.

Should you desire for more of such reads along the same line, you may want to try out Want Me by the same author along with her other unpublished works, The Jascian's Toy and Jonah's Giant. I loved it all of course.

I am actually glad this book still appeals to the general M/M romances readers despite its peculiar premise. That's a good thing. Please don't be afraid to try out new things, you will never know if you don't try. Just try to approach this book with an open mind.

It's nice when a book makes you think and and reminds you of what is important in life. Self reflection could bring about great changes in life. "Seeing within changes one's outer vision." quoted by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Title: One Shot
Author: Rowan McBride
Publication Date: October 5th, 2009
Publisher: Loose ID
Cover Art: P.L. Nunn
Type: Novella, 38,748 words (approximate)
Genre: M/M Romance, Erotica, Contemporary, Scifi, Fantasy
Characters: Nick Carlyle (the MC, 27 years old, an executive/manager at a firm), Riley Jameson (23 years old, a newbie staff under the MC), Greg Morris (approximately 37 years old, a mentor and friend of the MC)
Click to View:
alpha male, amorous suitor, bizzare, science fiction, fantasy, muscle fetish, physical growth fetish, manhandling, massive musclebound man, protective partner, possessive partner, profound physical size difference, romance

Nick Carlyle understands the intricacies of his job better than anyone. He lives to crunch those numbers and his skills are valued throughout the company. If his personal life might be lacking, he doesn't notice, especially whenever he steals a harmless glance or two at Riley Jameson's tight body.

When a universal flu shot is developed, it's hailed as a miracle, and rightly so. But the seemingly harmless side-effects begin to change the world, warping the statistics that Nick's always used to guide him through life.

No one changes as much as Riley. Suddenly the young man is bigger, stronger. He's also aggressive in ways Nick isn't prepared for, and for the first time analyzing the numbers does nothing to help the situation.

And if numbers can't help him, what can?

Author's note:
I’m having trouble finding my “rambling” groove with One Shot. This is my fourth or fifth draft, and usually it only takes one. I can’t seem to find anything to say other than “I had a helluva lot of fun writing the story.”
But I did. I like Nick. He’s a really good guy and isn’t conscious of that fact. Doing what’s right comes naturally, but because it comes naturally, he tends not to notice that the people around him care for and respect him. And I like Riley. He’s fun and aggressive and he’s always watching Nick. He says what he feels. Nick has no idea how to handle the attention and being off balance that way is good for him. Hell, I even like Greg, one of Nick’s coworkers. I was bound and determined to make him a hardcore villain, but he turned out to be a pretty good guy, even if he might be a little bit of a lush.
I like how the characters interact with each other. I like the way the story evolved from what was supposed to be a five thousand word short to a thirty-six thousand word novella.
I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I like One Shot, and I hope you like it too. :)


* Reviewed on March 25th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Ikumen After (Vol. 1) by Kazuma Kodaka

Ikumen After (#1)Ikumen After (Vol. 1) by Kazuma Kodaka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from March 20 to 21, 2014

A sweet story of two dads falling in love and their struggles as single parents. They shared parenting tips and help support each other. For Izumi, it's love at first sight, he was practically drooling all over his child's pre-school friend's handsome daddy. As for Asakura, he found his feelings for Izumi deepens each day without realizing the nature of his affection towards another guy.

The story of Vol. 1 ends with a direct brazen confession that left Asakura flustered. I can't wait to follow the love story of these two single dad with their cute kids. I am pretty sure Asakura would overcome his confusion and acknowledge Izumi's love for him. Usually I don't quite like kids in my M/M or Yaoi books but the kids here are super cute. They mirror their daddies so much yet unlike their daddies, they are very honest and straightforward with their feelings. The adults has much to learn from them.

The artwork was good and the story was interesting and entertaining but I don't think this series could be compared to Kizuna - Bonds of Love Book 1, Kodaka sensei's earlier accomplished yaoi series. Kizuna was unforgettably good. So good that it is basically a must-read for all Yaoi fans.


Title: Ikumen After 1.
Associated Names: イクメン☆アフター
Author: Kazuma Kodaka
Publication Date: 2010
Type: Serialized BL Manga
Genre: , Comedy, Drama, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life, Contemporary, Romance
Tags/Keywords: Gay-for-you, Childcare, Divorced Parent/s, Father-Son Relationship, LGBT Parent/s, Love at First Sight, Older Uke, Younger Seme, Salaryman, Single Father, Single Parent, Widow/Widower

This is a really cute, sweet story about two single dads Asakura and Kentarou, whose young sons happen to go to the same daycare.

* Reviewed on March 21st, 2014


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[REVIEW] Chocolate on his Skin by Charlotte Mistry

Recommended for: If you like food & men, don't miss this experience.
Read from March 11 to 13, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Makes Me Craves for Chocolates on a Hunky Boyfriend. Sinful Whipped Cream on You-know-where. Decorate him with Juicy Strawberries, Dainty Cakes and Other Sweet Delights. Then Savour him Slowly.

Anders went into what he thought was a modelling deal for a dinner function at an upscale hotel. Several months worth of rental was not an offer he could say no to and not want hit his head hard on the wall later.

Only he really had no idea what he had just signed up for and just imagine his surprise when he was loaded onto...
...a large platter then decorated with varieties of sweet treats and served to a crowd of hungry elites on the banquet table. The kitchen staff left no inch of his naked skin uncovered, leaving only his head free to face his mortification.
I don't think he needs to worry too much, I am pretty sure he is the most delicious man in that conference room literally. 
Jay and Thomas seems to agree with me wholeheartedly. Jay is such a wickedly perverse young man. He was hell-bent on enjoying Anders' body under any circumstances even a public setting was not a deterrence to him. Such a mischievous fellow. I am delighted he found Anders to be the ideal person to end his boredom and a good chance to tease his dear friend Thomas. Jay is impish while his friend Thomas was only a voyeurist enjoying Anders' helplessness towards Jay's lascivious attention.

Bon Appétit.


I am declaring this book to be the most mouth-watering story EVER. The food porn here is unbelievably hawt! Mistry sure knows what is erotic and sexy, she reads her readers well. The sexy and erotic part is good but the humor in it made it even greater. Reading it gave me a persistent goofy grin. I may look silly donning such a look at inappropriate venue but I don't care! I just love the fun too much.

Nuff said! This book sizzles and it makes me melt like chocolate in heat. Just a friendly warning though, DO NOT read this book with any kind of sweet treats around you. You might risk getting fat without even knowing how it happened. This is dangerous food porn not to be taken lightly but with huge servings of creams and come.

Someone took a delicate little cake from his shoulder. Another scooped fruit and honey onto a plate with the tines of a fork. It jabbed him, a little, and he tried not to wince. Someone laughed.
- This sounds pretty normal if the one that got jabbed wasn't lying on a platter as a desert platter. Lol

Imagine all these goodies spread on a gorgeous hunk covered with honey and chocolates...

Then imagine this... "Excuse me Sir, would you care for a bite of cum-filled pastry?". Just a joke of course. LMAO

There should be a sign on that buffet table that says: Please dine with caution. Do not rush to the table with sharp objects. Our model's wellbeing depends upon your discretion.


Title: Chocolate on his Skin
Author: Charlotte Mistry
Publication Date: July 28th, 2012
Publisher: Self-pub
Type: Short Story, 4,300 words (approximate)
Genre: Contemporary Gay Erotica
Characters: Anders (a young male model), Jay/Jonathan Kells (Heir of a wealthy businessman) and Thomas (Heir of a wealthy businessman and also a friend of Jay)

Click to View:
dubcon, threesome, menage, public sex, gay erotica, voyeurism, molestation, masturbation, feeding, whipped cream, food fetish, variation of Nantaimori (男体盛り), living dessert platter, naked body, objectification, food play
When Anders is hired to be the centerpiece of an upscale dinner party, he doesn't know what it's going to entail. Having people eat off of him is one thing, but when two bored businessmen's sons take an interest, can he keep himself under control? Warning: this 4300 word erotic short story contains public gay sex, food fetishism, voyeurism, feeding, and the inappropriate use of whipped cream!


Click to View:
“So you do talk.” Anders nodded, barely perceptible, and Thomas grinned down at him. “You hungry or anything? You’ve been here a while.” He didn’t wait for a response before he was scooping up one of the little cakes, dripping with honey.

The pads of his fingertips slid stickily along Anders’ skin, and Anders bit his lip to keep from taking an indrawn breath. It had felt good, and that was a reaction that he really, really shouldn’t be having right now. Then those sticky fingertips were brushing his lips, and Anders had to either open his mouth or get cake smeared all over his face.

He opened his mouth. The cake was sweet on his tongue, the honey a burst of flavor. He licked his lower lip and caught Thomas’ index finger by accident. Thomas was looking at him a little funny, and then he lifted his hand absentmindedly to lick the excess honey from the backs of his knuckles.



* Reviewed on March 14th, 2014



26-Jan-2014: Bought from Kobobooks today.

 12-July-2013: This book features Nantaimori ("male body sushi") ('∀'●)♡ And it's a gay menage body sushi! Woohoo! Eating food off sexy male model. Yum! what more could a M/M fangirl ask for? I just wish the price is lower tho. This is a shorty and it cost USD2.99. :( 

I would still wish to read it.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

[REVIEW] Hotel of Lost Souls (The Lost Humanity #1) by H.S. Kallinger

Hotel of Lost Souls

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read from March 05 to 10, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Strong presence of Capture-bonding/Stockholm Syndrome with a Unique Menage Romance

Hotel of Lost Souls is the first book in The Lost Humanity series. It is a story about the survival and bonding of three early 20s students during their captivity as the blood and sex slaves of a master vampire. The dynamics they form intrigues me so much I am compelled to continue reading the story although finding the pace draggy due to excessive mundane activities described in painful details. I guess this is one of the many pitfalls a new author tends to find difficult to avoid. Writing the right balance of details aren't an easy feat. Readers would scorn those with too little details as well as those that had too much in it. That's where practice and experience comes in as well as the ability to accept and listen to feedbacks, the positive ones as well as the negative ones. Life is a life-long learning experience after all. One would only excel if one could recognise and acknowledge their own weaknesses and not be afraid to change it.

Eventhough this book has a central vampirism theme it wasn't overly focused on it. We do still get snippets of their presence and background story every now and then, so no worries about that. The story is really all about the relationship between fellow captives and their kidnapper cum master cum owner. I am fascinated with the captives gradual progress in developing a strong bond with their captor in the form of Stockholm Syndrome. I am still unsure if what is between (view spoiler) It could well be the effect of falsehood their subconscious mind fashioned just to stay safe and pain free.

The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon I have always find to be utterly intriguing. It's the mysterious part of being human and how vulnerable we really are. When left in a hopeless situation and given the right incentive, one could bend to any extreme just to find that bit of comfort even when it was offered by your own abuser. These abused victims tends to find excuses for the abuser and would strongly believe whatever punishment on them are their of own fault and their abuser is only doing it for their own good out of love for them. The abused would usually choose to submit to the abuser because it felt safer and easier to do so than a confrontation. This isn't baseless guesswork on my part, I have been an abused victim before although not a very physical one but the damage to the soul is not something easy to erase or comprehend. I have lived and I have learned, the hard way. Please note that what I am saying here are only based on my personal experience therefore I am not implying it is the same for everyone. Do you know what is the saddest part? The saddest part was when the abuser didn't even know what was done to me was considered as abuse and I myself was too blind to see that.

I bet Lukas the captor in this story knows exactly what he is doing and trying to achieve. That whipping boy incident was a good proof of how he intents to condition his pets. Zack, Sarah and Jamie was confine in a gilded cage in the form of an upscale hotel complete with all the pampering amenities at their disposal in exchange of their freedom. Lukas would lavish them with expensive gifts and personal attention when they behave themselves. Bad behaviors are promptly nipped at the bud with effective physical punishments that also involves some manipulative mental persuasion of the importance of playing by the rules. Lukas is such a cunning one. Having lived for hundreds of years he should be smarter than most humans with the kind of experiences he had gone through.

Another point of interest was the unique menage and the sexual relationships between this group of youngsters and their master. This dynamic group consists of bisexuals and lesbians. So we get hetero, gay and lesbian sex in one swoop. That's pretty rare right? They even had an orgy with two guys and two girls enthusiastically going at each other. They were satisfyingly plugged by one another... uhmm except one the lesbian and the last guy behind the train of sexy sweaty bodies of course. Not enough penises to do all the plugging and thrusting considering the number of wanting holes we have here.

I think I have a love-hate thing going on with this book. I nearly DNF it due to the draggy pace. Yet there are parts that absorbs my attention and fueled my wish to know more. Like that unique foursome relationship and the captive cum abused victims mentality.

To sum up, the story is a promising one and the author has talent but needed further polishing to shine better. I did have issues with the story's delivery style but it could be down to personal preference I guess. More importantly, I am entertained enough to want to read the next installment of this series. In fact, I have already bought it and synced it to my reading device. I will be continuing these youngster's adventure and journey with their master in book two, Pet and three, Bridges soon.

Series: Book One of The Lost Humanity Series
Publication Date: July 17th, 2012
Publisher:  Self-pub
Type: Novel, 101,468 words (approximate)
Genre: LGBTQ, Supernatural/Paranormal Fiction, Erotica
Characters: Zack Henderson (MC, 22 years old, an EMT student, Brunnette hair), Sarah Gallagher (supporting character, 24 years old, Art major college student, Red hair), Jamie Adams (supporting character, 23 years old, Psychology major, 2nd year college student, Blonde hair) and Lukas Ritter (antagonist, around nine-hundred to a thousand years old, died in his mid-twenties, a German with Viking blood).
Tags/Keywords: (view spoiler)

News-media segments about modern slavery are short and quickly forgotten by the average Joe or Jane. But it's out there. So are vampires. They're known, legal citizens—and they aren't the only relic from the past still alive and well. Their victims certainly don't have the opportunity to forget that slavery is still a very real problem.

On a train to Florida's tourist traps, Zack Henderson, an EMT in training, meets college students Sarah Gallagher and Jamie Adams. They're just hoping for a break from the tedium of college tests and professors. They can never imagine what is in store for them when vampires show up to take over their lives. When the smoke clears, they are left wondering: Did they really survive?

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* Reviewed on March 11th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Fear (The Copper Horse #1) by K.A. Merikan

Fear (The Copper Horse #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Recommended by: ARC
Recommended for: A must read for all ponyplay/animal role play fans
Read from February 24 to 27, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

5 Thrilled Stars cos I love this fuck-horse-slave-thing. It makes me tingly all over!

I am pleased that Fear is not some cocktease ponyplay book. The human pony here is for real not the kind of dom/sub play session to get each other off. Fear comes with all sorts of delightful pony get-ups like tail plugs, halter, harnesses, bit gag and a horse mane haircut and various other pony training devices. What's more exciting is the presence of a groom and a firm owner who wasn't shy on dishing out punishments to a deserving pony. The story has subjugation of a young man with mild humiliation and degradation. And the protagonist had to endure whole lot of torments on his body and soul to be transformed into a mere pet, a plaything of a wealthy tyrannic crime lord. 

Reuben was a down on his luck poor baker's son who was gradually reduced to the status of a pet horse by a manipulative man he was now forced to call his master. No matter how hard he resisted, Erik always has the right punishment to cure him of his disobedience. Erik is a fascinating character to me. I think he is a very good psychological manipulator (check out the link, he ticks almost all the boxes). He is such an eccentric, he baffles both Reuben aka Copper (his pet name now) and me. Copper struggles to understand his master in his effort to avoid those devious punishments he fears so much. Unfortunately this is a tough thing to do as Erik is much like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Poor Copper, his days are spent tip-toeing around his master.

Copper's master has a strong kink for all things equestrian. The choice of an equine themed home decor in his house is a great example aside from his deviant habit of keeping humans as pet horses. He is a shameless debaucher who derives his sexual fulfillment through bedding two-legged horses. On the other hand, Reuben was a closeted gay feeling shameful of his sexual orientation and would try his best to repress it. Which is why he found being stuck as a pet to a perverted handsome master has its own merits. It was liberating to be able to enjoy his guilty pleasure minus the guilt factor since he has no say in whatsoever perverted games his master forced upon him. Besides that he does enjoys being pampered, have his every needs taken care of and receiving praises lavished upon him which felt real good. His master is actually kind and fair when he is a good horse. He was cherished as a prized stallion and was doted on by both his master and groom. Only all these good things comes with a hefty price -- his total lost of freedom and his dignity as a man is at risk. Could he give up all this for a taste of luxury? 

As days goes by, Copper learned that the best way to stay pain-free and enjoy more guilt-free sex is to act like a real horse his master had wanted him to be. He would whinny and nuzzle his master affectionately to gain his approval and hope for rewards. I love it when he does that.  
"I don't! I never lie! I am a very honest horse!" Reuben tried being funny again and nuzzled Erik's cheek. His master's expression softened at the caress, and Reuben felt Erik's hands circling his waist.

Me thinks Copper is damn cute when he is a fine and obedient horse. I would want him for myself if I could. I'll dote on him and give him all the sugar cubes he could eat then make him run on the treadmill till he drop. ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→


★ I adore the angst and the hurt-comfort thing going on with Copper and his master and also with Jack his groom who dotes on him.

 I love that the author knows how to dish out exciting sexual tension. Copper was so torn between liking the sexual attention and loathing his positive reactions to it. He felt ashamed of his weakness. Erik is such a beast when it comes to feeding his carnal urges, he has no qualms advertising his sexual desire for his male pet horse even with an audience. I applaud him for embracing his kink so proudly. I heart Erik (。♥‿♥。)

 Ample focus on the ponyplay part. I enjoyed Copper's pony training very much and loves how firm and authoritative his master was throughout his training. Copper's master may be strict but he does not neglect Copper's pleasures. I also like how Copper gradually adapts to his pet status in Erik's household. His reluctance and angst was a divine feast to me.

Fear was a bravely written ponyplay erotica that is very much dedicate to pet play. It was truly fascinating to watch the bonding of this pair of master and pet. They seemed to be made for each other. The story was rather sweet and funny. Most importantly, it was hot as hell. My body and mind took much pleasure in reading it. No kidding, I was tingly all over and loving every moment of it. *bliss*

I admit that there are some minor editing issues here and there maybe because mine was an advance review copy. Yet I am glad it did not affect my level of enjoyment. I am very proud of the K.A. Merikan team for nailing this theme perfectly and I can't wait for the next installment of this thrilling ponyplay trilogy. I need to know if Reuben has truly submitted to his tyrannic master. Please don't make me wait too long.

Lastly I wish to commend the authors for not skimping on the word count just because the book was part of a serialization. In my humble opinion, Fear is a full-fledged novel and worthy of it's price tag.

If you are a true fan of ponyplay and had always wished to get more than a glimpse of it from the books you read, then you will love this one for sure. Not only did it not shy away from the subject, it stays focused on it as well. This point alone already made it a rare gem.


Ain't he ravishing?

He takes me places in exchange for sugar cubes.

Giddy-Up! *cracks whip on a defenseless firm buttock*

He's all cosy in his new stable with lots of soft hay to bounce on.

Meet Stallion Bond. Such a gorgeous stud.

Save the best for the last... a Unicorn-play! Such a sexy stud.


This pair of fabulous authors has great taste in book covers.


Title: Fear
Author: K.A. Merikan

Publication Date: March 7th, 2014
Publisher:  Storm Moon Press
Type: Novel, 97,606 words (approximate)
Genre: M/M, Gay Fiction, Erotica, Dystopia, Alternate World
Tags/Keywords: Ponyplay, Animal Role Playing, Gay, Master & Pet, Groom, Pony Training, D/S, Dominance-Submission, Forced Submission, Mild Humiliation & Degradation, Zombies, Dystopia, Erotica, Noncon-Dubcon, Restraints/Bondage, Horse halter, Horse Bit, Bridle, Horse Harness, Carting, Rape, Caning, Flogging, Corporal Punishments, Smaller Top/Dominant, Profound Physical Size Difference, Captive-Captivity, Kidnapped, Slave, Enslavement, Restricted Freedom, Horse Grooming, Stables, Hay, Haystack, Alternative Victorian London


1907, twenty years into the zombie Plague

Reuben is a baker living in the slums of London, sharing a room with his father and an extended family of cockroaches. Poor, uneducated, and repressing all his sexual desires, he leads a life of misery, only sometimes sprinkled with gin and a rough tumble in a filthy back alley.

But when he is abducted into Bylondon to be the slave of a wealthy crime family member named Erik Dal, his values are put to the test. His new master is obsessed with all things equestrian, and Reuben soon learns that if he obeys and performs well as Erik's horse, he might just get everything he yearns for: pampering, foods he never even dreamed of, and shameless sex with a demonically handsome young man in leather riding boots.

As Copper, Erik's treasured dun stallion, Reuben must submit to his new master's obscene fancy of possessing another man completely. That is, if he yearns for treats and not the lick of a riding crop. Fake tails, harnesses, and a new haircut to his ginger mane help Reuben transform into Copper, but the fear of losing his dignity in the eyes of society might just prove to be a bigger restraint than any bit, bridle, or handcuffs.

All that for the small price of his freedom. Though at times, Reuben feels it's his soul that Erik is after instead.

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* Reviewed on March 4th, 2014


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Monday, 3 March 2014

[REVIEW] Alien vs Pooh by Giant Hamburger

Alien vs Pooh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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4 Stars for the Chest-busting Cuteness!

Aliens infestation mayhem started when Pooh and his bestie, Piglet took a stroll in their beloved woods. Pooh's inquisitive nature got the better of him when he found pods that looked so much like tasty pots of honey he adores.

Giant Hamburger brought to you a mashup of Winnie the Pooh with the Aliens vs Predator movie. Lots of silliness and disturbing imagery. You'll surely be satisfied with the amount of face hugging, chest bursting fun in this warped but brilliant piece of webcomic.

Hundred Acre Wood aliens infestation! Come find out how Pooh and friends deal with it. Have a tea party in the garden perhaps? Maybe a gun toting Tigger in his exoskeleton suit would save the day?

It's super short so no worries of not having enough time to waste on it. This parody of Aliens vs Predator is certainly warped but it is tons of fun!

Dontcha love this book cover? Quite lovely and tasteful really.

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