Saturday, 10 October 2015

[REVIEW: CHINESE BL NOVEL] Děng nǐ yǎngwàng [等你仰望] by Yì Xiūluó [易修羅]

4.5 Stars for this well written BDSM Chinese BL Novel. Complex and compelling storyline with a touch of mystery. Sweet surrender, tender dominance. 

The image below got my attention while I was surfing Youtube.
It was a Chinese slash (Boy's Love) audiodrama called 等你仰望 by 易修羅 . I knew I had to read the novel by all means and I am glad I wasn't disappointed. 

The book carries a BDSM theme and has TPE 24/7. The dynamics between the dom and sub is well written and explored. I greatly enjoyed the chemistry between the two. The surrender is sweet and the dominance is tender yet satisfying. I believe this book would appeal to both dominants and submissives. The author seems to know what makes a dom and a sub tick. I would have happily given this book a full 5 stars if not for having a tad bit difficulty on accepting how the major conflict towards the end was resolved which nearly cost the life of the protagonist. I think it was unreal for his master to not know what would become of his pet should his pet heard news of that devastating incident. Therefore I am settling with a 4.5 stars. 

Other than that stumble towards the end, I commend the author for handling the romance and sexual desires of the MCs well. There's no fluff and the romance is slow burn with gradual acceptance and indulgence. You'll get to witness the whole progress of the bonding between a new master and his sub. Besides that, the character development was also praiseworthy. I like how Feng Hou slowly strips Ling Lang's protective shell which he had created over the years to hide his dark desires out of shame and confusion towards this own deviant sexual nature. I had much fun watching the dom's creative pet/sub training method. There's a lot of focus on animal-roleplaying which the MC devotes himself as a loyal adoring dog to his doting but firm master. 

As a side note, this is the first time I have read a Chinese BL novel with a BDSM theme. I hope to be able to find more of such books in the future. And I would love to know more of this author especially the gender since I really couldn't tell from the writing itself. Most of the times I am able to do so with other M/M books but not with this one. 

P/S: I know it's rather odd reviewing a Chinese novel in English. I think I must be the first one to ever do so. Odd really. 

* Reviewed on October 9th, 2015  
**Read via Cantonese TTS**


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