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[REVIEW] Brethren, Life In Bondage: Book One (Brethren, #1) by F.B. Peaches

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended by: ARC  
Recommended for: S/M extreme bondage and latex fetish for the Top/Dominants.
Read from January 27 to 29, 2014, read count: 1

4 Wet Panties and Lots of Squirming in the Seat

Writhing, contorting forms of tightly bound subs got to me. I was awash with arousal and giddy with feels. The first chapter already got me squirming - it was both disturbing and highly stimulating.

This book is certainly not for the prudish or the faint-of-heart. Like Steelwhisper said, it was meant for serious kinksters.

Brethren is an engaging extreme S&M fantasy for dominants with a sadistic streak. The writing adopts a third-person narrative mode and it was mainly written from the POV of the Top although you would get occasional faint whispers of the Sub's POV as well.

The story is focused upon sexual objectification. Subs are reduced to human sex toy status. Some are voluntary, some are not. You will also encounter breathplay, extreme body-modification, sexual torment, strict claustrophobic bondage that is heavy on latex and sensory deprivation. This is only a couple of examples of the depravities found within its pages. Google the word, Gord Comics or best still go to the author's blog if you wanna get a feel of what this book is all about. (YES, you will need to be a real kinkster to click that link). *Smug smile* I know you want to click it.

Needless to say, I like this book. It was a wonderfully titillating book to me. I am not sure if it would work as well for those who are sexually submissive since it does lack the POV of the bottom. I couldn't be sure simply because I am not one myself.

I would love to read the rest of the books in this series.

The above examples of latex bondage is the milder version of what is in Brethren.

* This is an ARC extended to me by the author.


Author: F.B. Peaches
Publication Date: August 27th, 2012
Type: Short Story, 15,942 words
Genre: Fantasy Hardcore S&M Erotica, Alternate Universe
Tags/Keywords: noncon, dubcon, extreme bondage, domination, submission, humiliation-degradation, sadomasochism, orgasm denial, cunnilingus, edge-play, breath play, restrictive collar and corset, latex, latex bondage, long term bondage/storage, gibbet, gibbeting, boxing, extreme body-modification, sexual objectification, dehumanization, forced arousal, rape, sex toys, human sex toy, fetish-kink, TPE (Total Power Exchange), voyeurism

Old school bondage meets with high Tech fetish, in this, the first volume in the Brethren series. With a respectful nod to House of Gord and maybe just a touch of Insex, Fb presents a feast of flesh and fetish, purely for your titillation. Practising submissive and hoarder of all things kinky she knows exactly what buttons to push!

Brethren, book one
The world has moved on. The stuff of fantasy has become reality but most important of all, there is now absolute truth. Advances in technology mean citizens are no longer able to lie to the law givers. Those dispensing justice can do so without fear of punishing the innocent. Society is no longer prepared to keep or tolerate those who choose to do harm.

And so the Brethren have arisen.

They offer the world another way, a natural justice. They keep the criminals contained and restrained whilst indulging their fetishes and desires. Criminals are presented to the Brethren to live out their days owned and degraded. Within the city's and county's given over to the elite of the Brethren, normality is subjective. Segregated from the rest of society they indulge without prejudice or interference.


* Reviewed on January 29th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Virgin Tentacle Sacrifice by Mike Ox

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Recommended by: ARC
Recommended for: Tentacle-sex fans. Who else? Duh
Read from January 26 to 27, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

3.5 Smexy Kinky Stars!

Tal a warrior of the Jaguar clan and the son of the ex-headman was chosen by his ruler as a human sacrifice for the village to appease the many-headed god who dwells in the mountain. He has lived as an outcast after his family's tragic death in the fire caused by an enemy from the Bear clan who is now gloating over the pleasure of delivering Tal up the mountain to meet his death. Will Tal be able to survive the ordeal to return home and seek his revenge when no one has ever returned from that mountain?

I liked that the author understands there is no time to lose when it comes to short erotica and gets right down to business of the tentacles sexing and stays there to make the most of it. It was unlike so many other tentacle erotica that I've read which insist on bringing me on a merry go round circling a plot for ages before we could get to what matters most - the tent-sex. They always left me feeling cheated. But not Virgin Tentacle Sacrifice, it stays on course with its theme and I love the author for that. This fact alone is ranking up points from me. I love that I get what I was promised on the blurb and theme.

The tentacle monster here has quite a domineering and borderline sadistic streak. It was delightful to watch him tame his human pet. All that manhandling is making me all swoony. As an erotica, this book is totally right on the mark. It achieved what it is out to achieve even with the limited word count.

The breathplay parts (yes, plural) are thrilling. It involves some drowning and choking and then odd underwater breathing assistance. Odd yes but original and brave. The underwater shagging was sexciting. It was later coupled with some hot and dangerous gang-banging which then lead to an in-sync spit-roasting. Hmm... this book kinda has it all ain't it? Even a bukkake from nine cocks!

So here are some of my peeves. I found the writing somewhat inconsistent and this includes the characters as well especially the MC. At times the writing was also a little confusing. Like how a tentacle could turn into a cock in the middle of sex? Or where the hell did that cock comes from? Is he sucking on a cock now or was it one of the tentacles? Maybe it's just me losing focus on things. *shrugs*

The other thing is the insta-love which I find hard to believe. It's like the main character has ingested love potion, he was suddenly bursting with lovey dovey feels for someone who has been tormenting him continuously ever since they first met. Then again, maybe he is super masochistic. Or... he is still wet behind the ears, clueless on the matter of love.

Overall, I liked it. It's worth the time reading and experiencing it. A couple of scenes did got me pretty excited, that's what counts most in erotica. I would definitely love to read other books by Mike Ox.

NOTE: This is an ARC extended to me by the author.

I found this hawt pic on the net just now. I have gotta share it!
Source: The sculptor is Rune Olsen


Author: Mike Ox
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2013
Type: Short Story (4 in 1 Bundle), 12,800 words
Genre: Gay Erotica, Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Tags/Keywords: dubcon, bondage, domination, submission, humiliation, tentacle whips, tentacle spanking, orgasm denial, tentacle oral, 69, virgin anal sex, double penetration, tentacle fisting, breath play, choking, a tentacle gangbang, bukkake, insta-love, hurt-comfort, forced seduction


The headman has had a vision, and Tal must be sacrificed to the many-headed god who dwells on top of the mountain. Tal will only be able to right certain wrongs if he survives. The god has always destroyed what he’s been given. But if he pleases the god, Tal might get the chance he’s been waiting for.

Tal can only run for so long. The god has him trapped, and now Tal has no choice but to follow him into his cave. Tal shudders at being forced to obey Atl, but the two have something in common that he never could have foreseen.

Tal knows how Atl can avenge the one who cursed him, but Atl thinks that Tal just wants to escape. To test his captive, the god replicates himself. If Tal can’t pick out the real Atl among the three that tantalize him with pleasure and pain, he’ll be trapped with the god forever.

Tal wants revenge, and Atl wants to be free. They can have both if they can convince the gods of their love. They’ll have to be forceful to attract divine attention, for the gods dwell a world away…

Warning! This 12,800-word collection contains reluctant consent, bondage, submission, humiliation, tentacle whips, tentacle spanking, orgasm denial, tentacle oral, tentacle BDSM, tentacle 69ing, first time anal in a raging whirlpool, double penetration, tentacle fisting, breath play, choking, a tentacle gangbang, and an explosive bukkake finish. Intended for adults only.


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* Reviewed on January 27th, 2014


Saturday, 25 January 2014

[REVIEW] Jumbo by Todd Young

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Read from January 18 to 23, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

This has got to be the oddest book I've ever read. I am truly lost as to how to rate it. The book was engrossing and I did enjoyed it. Yet it does have its flaws. Do I love that retractable cock and balls enough to rate it beyond 3 stars?

I am going with a 3.5 stars since I am very much infatuated with micropenises now. And I find that I enjoyed the blue balls feeling caused by the high amount of sexual frustrations within the book, although I do lack the proper equipment to really feel that sweet agony. I love it. Love, love the frustrations.

Romance? What romance? It's lust baby. This story is about pure unadulterated L.U.S.T. of horny teenagers. And it's freaking hot in my opinion. You'll get mouthful eyeful of cocks and balls of different sizes and variation attached to young sexy guys frolicking in the shower room. I guarantee you lots of ogling voyeuristic opportunities as there are countless locker room group shower scenes.

Mitchell an 18-year-old hormonal high schooler is plagued with constant worries over his undeveloped under-develop male package. His peen and balls is so small he could easily be mistaken as a girl. His boyfriend says it looks much like a nipple especially when Mitchell is scared or cold. This is because his mini peen and balls would retracts itself back into his body in such situations. By the way, his boyfriend adores his unique genitalia. Actually his boyfriend is borderline obsessed with it just like I am right now. I loved that he got (view spoiler @ GR). It makes him so sexy, I felt like I was going to get a cardiac arrest from lusting over his peen him. Suddenly fellatio sounds appealing to me again.

Being a teenager, Mitch has boundless sexual energy and he is of course often horny. Hell, he practically has a hard-on 24/7 that he rationalise as a necessity to fill his empty briefs pouch. Personality wise, Mitchell is immature, conflicted and has very low opinion of himself. His self worth is so low that he is practically asking everyone to step all over him making him the perfect target for school bullies. Even his own swim coach abuses and belittles him. Things at home wasn't a bed of roses for him either although he did have a family that loves him.

As I've said, Mitchell is a horny kid. He's highly voyeuristic and was having the time of his life ogling his swim teammates aside from spending half of his time fantasizing being taken especially by a group of guys. Furthermore, he harbours a potentially dangerous kink... (view spoiler @ GR) It makes me cringe at the stunts he pulled just to sate this kink of his. He is such a lusty, kinky and self-absorbed kid. There are times I felt like giving his ass a firm kick when he is being a total jerk due to his turbulent mood swings (very much like PMS). It's not an easy task trying to figure him out. His characterisation is a little bit wonky. At times his sudden switches between the hot and the cold attitude annoys me - his fickle-mindedness drives me up the wall. It's a wonder how his boyfriend could stand him. Then again, I would forgive him of anything when I think of how cute his compact package is. *swoons*

Some readers doubted the plausibility of what the boys did in the school locker room showers. While I agreed that Mr. Young might have over exaggerated it, but this is erotica so what's hot has got to be on the page right? So yea, cum on me with your horse dick all you want, we are in the shower anyways. There is one think I am most curious of during the shower scenes, is that whether it is normal to get a boner when sharing a communal shower with the same sex? Or is it a taboo? Would it trigger raining of fists?

Yes I am happily soaking up all the hotness and kinkiness of this story not particularly caring about the dramas or romance, especially the romance since there isn't much of it to speak of. I maintain that it's all lust not love. This book is so not for the fluff readers.

I believe I am seeing and appreciating this book for what it is. In my view, it has achieved its goals to titillate me. I do wonder if I am the only one that looks at this book from the erotica angle?

If you are pervy and thinks like a dude, you might just enjoy this book as much as I weirdly did.

Sharing a few of my favorite scenes here. Those that made me hot and bothered and gets stuck in my head:
1) Frankly I find most of the locker room showers scenes to be hot. Sexy soapy guys sliding and bumping against each other. *sighs contently*

2) The wet dream Mitchell had.I mean how can one forget such a strange dream where every boy looks like they got sexually nullified? And then you get to put on someone else's penis and ball?

3) Mitchell's first time sex with his horse-hung boyfriend.

4) The fisting scene. It was stimulating yet I felt scared for Mitchell cos I thought his boyfriend had accidentally torn something with the amount of pain Mitchell was going through. O.O

5) That freaking hawt fellatio by his boyfriend on his minipeen *experiencing massive blood lost from a gushing bloody nose*

6) The last scene in the communal shower with the swim team. I wanna be there groping him too.

There's a part in the book where Mitchell has a weird wet dream. I think that's the gayest dream ever! I am bringing this up because what happened at the ending was close to the events in that crazy lusty dream of his. It's like a dream comes true for Mitchell. I wanted to be there too, enjoying his erotic body.

Lastly, I must add that the ending was abrupt and it left quite a few unresolved issues. Nevertheless it was an unconventional ending and I do appreciate such endings.


Title: Jumbo
Author: Todd Young
Publication Date: May 9th, 2012
Type: Novel, 58,200 words (approximate)
Genre: Gay Erotica, Contemporary Fiction
Click to View:
abnormal physical condition, micropenis, buried penis, penis size, insecurities, low self esteem, school bullying, bullies, abusive teacher, clueless young man, horse-hung, sports jocks, swimming, swim team, swim practice, swimming competition, skinny dipping, anal sex, fisting, voyeurism, exhibitionist, male ogling, sexy bods, locker room, shared shower room, gay curious, horny guys, students, high schoolers, masturbation, jerk off, wank, handjob, fellatio, blowjob, shaved pubes, speedo, teenagers, teenage-angst, sexual frustrations, hedonistic male, sexual tension

Mitchell has a problem. He’s a little too small where it counts. The guys on the swim team have started calling him Jumbo — a cruel joke — and meanwhile he’s in love with his best friend, Luke. But when Mitchell starts receiving love letters in his locker, can they really be from Luke? Or are they from someone big enough to love him just the way he is?


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* Reviewed on January 25th, 2014


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[REVIEW] 隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi] by Masara Minase

隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi]隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi] by Masara Minase
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read on January 18, 2014 

I liked the art but the story messes with my Yaoifangirl mind. I mean there's a total role reversal of rescuing the damsel here. I love feisty Ukes but a Seme that needs saving from his Uke?

This Uke is not only feisty but forward as well. He has no qualms asking to be fuq by his Seme.

And, and, and... it's his first time with a guy too. (#/。\#)

So okay, it has a refreshing twist from the norms of Yaoihood. Just that I am quite a bit of a conservative Yaoifangirl. I tend to love the 'Regular Yaoi' formula bit too much.


Title: 隣にいるのに、遠い Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi
Associated Names: 咫尺天涯的距离 / 近在咫尺卻達在天涯 / 隣にいるのに、遠い / You're Right by My Side, yet So Far Away
Author: Masara Minase
Publication Date: 2008
Type: Manga
Genre: Yaoi, Boys Love, Contemporary, Romance, School Life
Tags/Keywords: Best Friends, Childhood Friend/s, Confession, Drunk, Friends Become Lovers, Popular Male Lead, Possessive Lover/s, Post-Secondary School, Student/s, Womanizer/s

Nagisa's good friend, Igarashi Taiga, is the popular guy at their university. After being compared to Taiga as a lover, Nagisa keeps wondering and questions Taiga, who demonstrates his skills with a hot kiss...

What will come after that?

* Reviewed on January 18th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Surprises (The Administration, #2.4) by Manna Francis

Surprises (The Administration, #2.4)Surprises by Manna Francis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Recommended for: those who enjoys slow-burn romances
Read from January 01 to 16, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

After six hours of foreplay with an interrupted fuck and minutes of adolescent groping, both Toreth and Warrick has finally moved their relationship from occasional fuck-buddy to something a little more solid. Although the hypocritical bad boy Toreth is still far from settling down with a singular person, at least now with Warrick's careful calculated nudges, they are heading towards a true relationship.

I love how Warrick's casual words could make Toreth all fired up...

Toreth: "How do you feel about mayonnaise?"

Warrick: "Absolutely not. I am not spending the rest of the evening smelling of egg."

Toreth: "You can always have a wash."

Warrick: "True, but that removes half the attraction of the idea."

Toreth: "Which is?"

Warrick: "The prospect of walking around with you afterwards, knowing that you've fucked me. That you've come inside me. Feeling taken." He shrugged, managing to sound almost matter-of-fact.

(...) Toreth swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry.

Also love how Toreth plays with Warrick's kink on being bound while he was roughly taken. That guy knows how to turn up the heat where Warrick's concern. Warrick was an excitable quivering mess whenever Toreth mentally and physically tops him.

This unlikely pair sure have the longest slow burn romance going-on. I am getting anxious to hear the word 'exclusive' by now.

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[RANDOM] Seme/Uke Test

I knew I had it in me. *Smiles with evil glint in the eye*
Wondering which type you are? Go take the test at

You are a Sadistic Seme!
It takes a special kind of uke to appreciate the punishment you dish out. Making them beg for mercy is what you're all about. You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. It's no fun if they don't struggle, and struggle and torture is what the Dramatic Uke, your perfect match, lives for.
Most compatible with: Dramatic Uke
Least compatible with: Everyone else
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get yaoi merchandise..

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[REVIEW] Claiming Their Human (Alien Experiment #1) by Eva Evans

Recommended for: NO ONE
Read from January 10 to 10, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

A. Total. Disappointment.

It has the elements I liked...
Large dominating alpha males. CHECK
Smaller weaker mate. CHECK
Mate claiming. CHECK
Kidnapping. CHECK

Yet it was a total flop because...
Very poorly written Sex Scenes. CHECK (Odd word choices totally ruined it for me)
OCC character. CHECK (the too eager and agreeable abductee may have taken mushrooms before his kidnapping or devoid of common sense)
Lack of plot. CHECK (but I was ready to forgive this as it is almost a given thing with short erotica. I am good as long as they are sexy and gives me the eroticism I sought for)
Weak writing. CHECK (basic language usage. Some repetitions. Odd word choices)

* Reviewed on January 10th, 2014

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[REVIEW] The John Doe by Veronice Ceccarelli

The John DoeThe John Doe by Veronice Ceccarelli
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read on January 08, 2014 — I own a copy

Read this in a day. A noteworthy record for a slow reader like me. The book wasn't exactly short either, it has 49,950 words to be digested. I am super sleepy today because yesterday I can't stop reading it till 2am in the morning. I can see dark shadows and tired lines under my eyes now. Eeks!

The story starts from a typical John Doe case. An unidentified injured young man found naked and near-death in a gutter. At first glance, it seems to be a rape assault case from the telltale injury he sustained until they noticed the peculiar scars marking both his wrist and his panic-attacks when physically restrained. What further puzzled the hospital staff was John's unintentional display of his extraordinary ability. This wonderment soon caused John a lot of grief and hardship when he found himself whisk away by the military into a secluded heavily guarded facility in the name of protecting the general public.

John suffers not only from total amnesia, he was half-blind as well. Apart from that he has a weak constitution; he was plagued with constant debilitating headaches and seizures. Although he may look frail, he is far from cowardly or defenseless. In fact, I admire his courage and firm determination to regain his rightful freedom. He has the will of a lion and would intelligently pick his fight unless he is overwhelmed by his panic-attacks of course. His stubborn streak at times provide some comical situations apart from landing him in several undesirable circumstances. Stubborn as a mule, yet I love him all the more for this trait of his.

It was such a thrilling adventure following John's energetic multiple escape attempts. I enjoyed the way he would plan his escapes then train himself up in preparation. Watching him determinedly take each painful steps towards regaining his supernatural power in hope to aid his bid for freedom made me very proud of him. His spiritedness earned him many admirers and friends even though most of these friendship was clouded by uncertainties due the complicating relationship as jailers and prisoner. At the end of the day they are soldiers, sworn-to-duty and he is only a lab rat under their care, an unnatural being deemed too dangerous to be free. These friends would not hesitate to shoot if need be.

Speaking of unnatural abilities, what John has was fascinating. Especially how unique his sense of sight is. The author has incorporated this aspect very well. The military was both in awe of John's abilities and was wary of it too. Initially they treated him with relative kindness but as his power grows so does their anxiety and ruthlessness at containing him under their control.

Yes, basically the story revolves around John's life in this military facility and his constant attempts to liberate himself. Some might think it will be boring to read such a simple setup. Yet I find it exciting and compelling. Those who loves good dose of angst will not be disappointed. I am very much invested in John's success in escaping the facility. In short, he has my full empathy and attention.

There are parts where I have some problems with. Like why on earth Colonel Bedville is so bent on keeping John Doe from leaving the facility? Apparently he cared for him and was even doting him at times. Showering John with kind gestures and gifts. I know he is a soldier and all that and having to abide to orders and rules but what he did to John was inexcusable. I actually liked him before what happened during the last quarter of the book. He doesn't feel real to me. He's much like a person with split personality. He is just too contradictory with himself, it confuses me.

To be frank, there are some slight annoyances with the writing and it wasn't as smooth as I would prefer. Nevertheless it did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying this engaging story.

The John Doe was a riveting tale of survival and human strength. It also highlights our tolerance for differences.

The book may not have the most original storyline but in my opinion it was worth the experience. Especially if you like fantasy books with a touch of adventure, mystery and magic top with delicious servings of angst.

Please keep in mind this is a fantasy story, so be prepared to let your reality go as much as possible when you read it. Since anything goes when it comes with fantasy right?

I must declare that I am bias to this book as I have a fondness for angsty story with wrongfully incarcerated prisoners. The combination of fantasy, mystery and magic was an added bonus.

I know some complained about the ending, but to me it was a great way to end it. I loved it.


Title: The John Doe
Author: Veronice Ceccarelli
Publication Date: July 10th, 2011
Type: Novel, 49,950 words (approximate)
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Fiction, Mystery, Supernatural, Adventure
Tags/Keywords: amnesia, abuse, action-packed, adventure, angst, attempted-murder, restrains, brave protagonist, captive, captivity, confinement, captured, contemporary, disability, blindness, drugging, fantasy, heterosexual, hfn-happy-for-now, medical condition, weak constitution, military, army, prisoner, rebellious protagonist, resentful-indignant, restricted freedom, special abilities, magic, stubborn character, supernatural, thriller, suspenseful, young man, mystery

They would have liked to know who the John Doe was, but more importantly they wanted to know what he was. And what was his power, the power they did not understand? He could not be allowed free. He was not an ordinary man.

John thought he was an ordinary man, but maybe a hollow man, without memory, without a past. That strange power they spoke of - He didn’t quite believe in it, but if he was ever to find freedom, he had to first find his power. He wanted to go home. He didn’t know whether he had a home, whether he had a family, but still, he wanted to go home.

mystery, magic, amnesia, prisoner


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* Reviewed on January 9th, 2014


Comment on November 6th, 2013:

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

[REVIEW] I See The Devil by Cyma Rizwaan Khan

Recommended by: ARC from the author
Read from December 30, 2013 to January 07, 2014 — I own a copy

This is all about the Good vs Evil and who's side is the good side. It would force you to pick a side then make you question if you are really capable of true goodness. AND at the end of the story, you would definitely view Satan and the Angels with a different light.

The story revolves around Jeremy Pearce a mental hospital escapist and his meeting with Lucifer the famous fallen angel, the devil himself. The manipulative charms of the devil is very much like the siren call so it's understandable how Jeremy readily falls into the devil's plan to bring forth the Apocalypse. Jeremy was told he was an essential ingredient for Lucifer's grand design for humankind or we should call it the idealistic re-designing of humankind. Lucifer's offer was tempting enough that I caught myself fantasizing about it. It is something most would die for and here, Lucifer eagerly proffers it. Of course nothing in life comes for free especially for such a coveted prize. What are you willing to sacrifice? Best still, who's life are you willing to use as a trading chip to secure said prize?

What good would come out of following the devil? Jeremy was lead into committing various horrid deeds, some was willingly done while there are others not as eagerly carried out by him. This crazy journey with the devil has certainly changed Jeremy. For the better or for the worst? I'll leave that to you to make that judgment for yourself. Afterall this story is about making the right choices and for that we need to polish our judgment skill.

I did like some aspects of this book. Like how it would sometimes compel me to evaluate myself, makes me think a little deeper. Asides from that there are a number of quotes I liked and below is a quote which is simple yet forceful enough to remind us of that we have always forgotten to take good advantage of our mind power. We should really be a good slave driver when it comes with our mind. Make it work harder for us. Abuse it more and often. Make it yield to us in total submission!

Most of us does tend to underestimate the power of the mind and the marvel of the universe. In essence we are all a mass of energies, each with our own unique frequencies. I believe that our thoughts are very much like radio signals to the universe to select the channels we wanted. Fundamentally, we hold our own future because our thoughts brings us our future. Hence do be careful of what you wish for >:D

I enjoyed trying to figure out Lucifer and having him keeping me on my toes. He is such an elusive guy. A goal driven entity fearless in pursuing his ideal and always confident with himself. Like Jeremy, I couldn't take his word without a measure of doubt although it is very hard not to be swayed by his persuasiveness. He could be so sweet and nice when he wanted to be.

There is a point where I felt the book zaps all my happiness away and I am left moping in the dark. Also there are times when I felt like putting the book aside to stop it from further draining my energy. Asides that, the going was painfully slow for me in the beginning and I had to push myself a little to continue. Maybe too much preaching from the devil? The brainwashing is tiring me out. Lol. As for the horror aspect, I am curiously undisturbed although it wasn't lacking in the morbid department since this is a horror fiction.

I am also not liking how some plots doesn't smooth over well enough for me to eat it up. Besides that, at times Jeremy's idiotic moves frustrates me and jolts me out of the believe-zone. Lastly I am sorry to say the ending didn't worked for me. It was anti-climax and too simplistic after all that initial grand buildup. I see strings hanging and I am itching to tie it up like a pretty bow just to quench my thirst to know how some things would end. Sniffing and pouting a little, the ending left me dying in a desert alone and lonely, that's figuratively speaking of course. Maybe it's just me... just my over inquisitiveness to be blamed for feeling such a way. Everybody does have their own unique perception right. Okay, if anyone is pressing to know if this one ends with a sweet happily ever after... click the spoiler below.
Yes, you are safe to proceed with this wonderfully dark book as you will certainly see the rainbows you wanted at the end of the tunnel. It may be a foggy one but it is a rainbow since the hero survived and gain much needed inner strengths he lacks of before his hellish journey. Safe to say it's a HFN.

To be clear, I am happy with the outcome for the protagonist, only disappointed the ending was too mild, nothing like the earth shattering ending I expected.

NOTE: This is an ARC copy extended to me by the author.


Title: I See The Devil
Author: Cyma Rizwaan Khan
Publication Date: January 5th, 2014
Type: Novel, 48,714 words (approximate)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural
Tags/Keywords: asylum, mental hospital, mental patient, mental hospital escapist, devil, satan, fallen angel, Lucifer, angels, archangels, Antichrist, supernatural, mysticism, evil, darkness, immortality, apocalypse, darkfics, dark story, dismemberment, mutilation, dungeon, family issue, ghost/apparition, HFN, horror, injury, magic, special abilities, philosophical, physical abuse/torture, revenge-punishment, ruthless killer, murders, attempted murders, manipulative antagonist, stubborn and rebellious protagonist, substance-abuse, suicidal-suicide, supernatural, thriller.

Insanity goes deeper than the soul. At least that's what 27 year old Jeremy Pearce is beginning to experience. He sees the devil; a devil who is hell-bent on bringing down the apocalypse.
Will Jeremy be able to save the world before it's too late?


* Reviewed on January 7th, 2014

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