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[REVIEW] The Backwash Of War by Ellen Newbold La Motte

The Backwash Of War (The Human Wreckage Of The Battlefield As Witnessed By An American Hospital Nurse)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read from April 28 to 30, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Brutal, poignant and honest account of the devastation of war and the succeeding deterioration of humanity.

Pretty tough book to read yet utterly engaging, I couldn't look away. The truth in this book is hard to swallow, the vilest side of humans could be witnessed during trying times like war.

After reading so much on the sufferings of the severely wounded from the start till the end of the book, I felt the hospital aren't really helping these people. They are just adding on to their misery and pain. Makes me think bleeding to death is more merciful than rotting inside our while you are still alive. These unfortunate soldiers could have pass on faster if not for the intervention of medicine in the guise of saving life. I felt like yelling at them to STOP PATCHING UP THE DYING AND LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE. Leave them in peace please.
He was pretty ill when brought in, and if he had died promptly, as he should have done, it would have been better. But it happened at that time that there was a surgeon connected with the hospital who was bent on making a reputation for himself, and this consisted in trying to prolong the lives of wounded men who ought normally and naturally to have died. So this surgeon worked hard to save Grammont, and certainly succeeded in prolonging his life, and in prolonging his suffering, over a very considerable portion of time. He worked hard over him, and he used on him everything he could think of, everything that money could buy.

The tone of this book is dripping with unbelievable amount of sarcasm. I could feel the author's intense anger reverberating through the text with such force I felt like being punch in the gut and slapped on the face. BUT it's alright because her words are nothing but the truth however ugly the truth was and I am glad she had the courage to write this book and to tell it like it is. She was using sarcasm as a medium to bring across her distaste on war and was deeply sadden by the devastation it has brought to the innocents.

For a more in-depth review please do refer to Steelwhisper's thoughful review. I have to thank her bringing this book to my attention.

Author: Ellen Newbold La MotteG. P. Putnam’s Sons
Publication Date: October 12th, 2008 (Ebook) - (First published in year 1916)
Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons - New York and London
Type: Memoir, approximately 24,156 words
Genre: Historical War Memoir (a diary turn book)
Tags/Keywords: classics, historical, soldiers, war, severely wounded, dying, death, prolonged sufferings, war, true account, diary, nursing, military hospital, humanity, amputation, disfigurement, tragedy, disability, mutilation

Ellen LaMotte (1873 - 1961) was an American nurse, journalist and author. She began her nursing career as a tuberculosis nurse in Baltimore and then served as an army nurse in Europe during World War I. After that she traveled to Asia where she saw the effects of opium addiction. The Backwash of War (1934) was based on her diaries kept during her time at the front. La Motte speaks of her time in an army hospital in France as periods of boredom interspersed with moments of fright. The Backwash of War is an excellent memoir of war from the viewpoint of a woman army nurse.

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[REVIEW] Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, #3) by Sean Michael

Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, #3)
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Ponyplay first timer. Even vanilla readers could read this one.
Read on April 28, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Chokes on the cloyingly sweet ponyplay

The amount of unicorns prancing happily in a brightly lit meadow suffocates my brain. I am disappointed it's not what I have been expecting. So much for breaking in a new pony, it's more like the sweet surrender of an airhead. 

Perhaps I am spoiled by all those dark hardcore ponyplay stories. There wasn't much to look forward to in this story. The interaction between the groom and his ponyboy lacks the intensity to engage me.  This is due to the groom aka trainer kept explaining every single thing that he is going to do to the protag each time he is going to do something and this my friend, is an instant excitement and mood killer. For what is there to look forward to when we already know what is coming? Zero element of surprise makes this a boring book to read. I might as well go read a pony gentling manual. 

So much telling, lack of showing, readers dubbed as mentally challenged.

If there is such a thing as vanila-ponyplay, voila! They even ride into the sunset hand-in-hand, that is figuratively speaking. Yes, I do not buy their insta-attraction and insta-commitment at all. Unless both are just airheads with zero common sense. 

I am giving it a 2 stars because I quite like some of the foreplay, sex and certain parts of the training. 

I did like the cover tho. Because of it I was compelled to read this book.

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[REVIEW] Dirty Fighters (Dirty Shorts) by Kyle Adams

Dirty Fighters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read on April 28, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

FIGHT TO FUCK! Who is going to be the BITCH? Only one can top. Losers suck cock!

That intense opening fight scene got my adrenaline pumping as well as my undivided attention. Hooked since the first page. I was just as breathless as Cross, our hard-body protag.

Cross is a prideful and highly competitive guy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fierce male dominance in such a physical sense. Ample aggression and pent up sexual energy bursting to be unleashed. Raw, all-male rough sexing. Striker was sexy as hell. I wanted him to win the fight against Cross because I wish to hear Cross moan and plead for more cock.

I admit to watching enough naked male wrestling to prepare for this book. It's my newfound passion to spice up my life. Didn't know sports could be this arousing. And... I am still at it! Bad vice I know and takes me away from my books. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from those sexy, muscular, firm male bodies grappling each other to win a fuck. Absolutely love how used and abused the bottom aka loser was. The top's dominance was stimulating to watch.

I want moar cock grabbing, hole pounding books please! Yes, Mr. Adams did a great job here. I bet he watches tons of Naked Kombat.

This is Jessie Colter aka Jesse "Cut-Throat" from Naked Kombat

I have no idea who these are but nice moves.

Series: Dirty Shorts
Author: Kyle Adams
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2012
Publisher: Self-Pub
Type: Short Story, 5,801 words
Genre: Gay Contemporary Erotica
Title of Spoiler:
underground fight club, wrestling, male grappling, physical dominance, competition, competitive males, violence, some blood, lots of swearing, sweaty men fornicating, anal sex, dirty talk, jockstraps, bossy bottom with an bossier top
One night. Two matches.

Two equally ruthless fighters.

Both will come out victorious.

But only one will end at the top

This book contains situations some readers might find offensive: violence, a little blood, copious swearing, sweaty men fornicating anally, dirty talk, misuse of jockstraps, a bossy bottom, and an even bossier top.

Word count 5,801


* Reviewed on April 28th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Branded by P.L. Nunn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from April 04 to 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 2

Warning. Hardcore depravity here. Deep perversion. Outright indecency. Extreme dehumanization. Yep! that book cover ain't no lie. Lots of cruel manhandling. ain't for the faint-hearted.

Young cowboy was captured by a couple of vile ranch hands while he was on his way home after a successful cattle drive. The young man suffered greatly at the hands of those cruel men. Constant pain and humiliation is his entire world now.

Will he be a tamed horse on the ranch? Can he survive all those painful and debasing acts daily? A bitted horse can't exactly say no right? Besides, he was tightly bound and gagged day and night.

The story was left off promising a chance for a change of scenery and owner. I will be stalking PL Nunn for the sequel which will be made available on a later date.

There's zero gentleness in this ponyplay, everything was rough and you will see blood and raw cooked skin from branding. It isn't surprising to find bestiality in Nunn's story at all. Playing with animals that way isn't my cuppa tea but I admire her daringness. There's nothing too hardcore for this author. I love the shock she never fails to serves right up my face.

This story ended too fast for me. I felt left in the desert dying of thirst. I need MOAR. Nonetheless, it was a good read and I liked the graphics. Speaking of the graphics, there are several pages left in B&W while the rest are in full color. I am glad the author made sure all the crazy scenes are in vivid color. *wicked witch laughters*

Here, I feel the need to enlarge this degrading picture because I loved it. ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→

Title: Branded
Author: P.L. Nunn
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Self-Pub
Type: Short Graphic Novel, Book 1 of 2 (33 pages - Color and Black and White)
Genre: Gay Graphic Novel Erotica, Hardcore Ponyplay
Title of Spoiler:
hardcore ponyplay, heavy noncon, capture-kidnap, bondage, butt plug, horse bit, horse saddle, bondage horse shoe glove, iron branding, horse walker, human pony taming/training, rapes, bestiality, dehumanization, torture, humiliation, human horse/pony
An original tale of the old west.

A young cowhand on his way home runs afoul of a pair of ranchers with strange tastes, who live in a county with even stranger, darker ways.

Book 1 of 2. 33 pages. Color and Black and white.

This book follows in the vein of Neko - -so it's not for the faint of heart. Bondage, heavy non-con, fetish and a bit of political incorrectness. (The occasional midget and a bit of bestiality.)

I'll have this book eventually available via, but it will be an edited version without some of the heavier fetish, so as not to offend their standards too terribly.


* Reviewed on April 5th, 2014


Previous Comment:
April 5th, 2014: 

Too fast. Left me high and try. Need moar!

Will review later.

This is clearly a book not for everyone. Be warned, it is highly depraved. You can't unseen what you have seen.

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[REVIEW] Stung: Winter Special by K.A. Merikan

Stung: Winter Special (Zombie Gentlemen)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from April 23 to 25, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

This shorty serves as an epilogue of Stung. While it does not exactly spell out the answers readers are seeking for this unconventional pair of lovers, we at least get a taste of what they are both like when their life is not at stake.

Crunch decided to pay Victor a visit in the city. It was a reunion after a long parting between him and Victor subsequent to the liberation of the Honeyhill prison camp. He wasn't sure if he would be welcome with open arms by the man who fills his every waking moment. The liberated Victor now might not be the needy Victor back then when they first met at the camp.

Right. We get all of Crunch uncertainties and conflicting thoughts in this piece as opposed to the first book where Victor was the center of attention. This is great as we get deeper understanding of Crunch and his motivations. It was good to know outside of his tough demeanor, he is very much like us -- afraid of rejection and getting hurt.

The authors seems to make Victor's feelings less pronounce by intention of building up Crunch and the reader's anxiety over their long awaited reunion. I was just as anxious as Crunch to know how much Victor had changed and if this visit will be a fruitful one. I like that this pair of ingenious authors always knows how to end their stories and it always takes me by surprise. This is one of the many reasons that make it worthwhile to read their books. I love unpredictable and original stories. I would say K.A. Merikan is a worthy investment because you would be sure of not buying yet another recycled story with predictable plot-line and ending.

I am glad to get more of sultry Victor with his simple, honest man Crunch. I could never tire of their playful teasing ways towards one another. Read it to find out if they leave the bed ablaze. Right now, I am craving for some lemon curd scones *sucking at curd blissfully* Crunch is a man with great taste.

Author: K.A. Merikan
Publication Date: January 8th, 2014
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani Ltd
Type: Short Story, approximately 9,000 words
Genre: Dystopian homoerotic romance, M/M, Gay, Erotica, Contemporary, Consensual
Main Characters:
Title of Spoiler:
Crunch (MC) and Victor Sheppard (second MC)
Title of Spoiler:
alternate universe, reunion, anal sex, blowjob, romance, lovers, age difference, social status difference, upper and lower class social status, rich love interest, poor main character, beauty mark, victorian, gentle and loving sex, adoring lover

It's been a few months since Crunch and his comrades liberated the mob-run prison camp HoneyHill. But content as he is, Crunch can't forget Victor, the beautiful prisoner with whom he shared a brief affair. Taking a leap of faith, he shows up at Victor's door, but will it turn out he really was missed?
This short story is set a few months after the events described in our novel, 'Stung'. It could be read separately, but we advise to read the novel first, as it is not a stand alone.
The book contains explicit M/M erotic content.

Wordcount: 9000

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[REVIEW] Doushitemo Furetakunai (No Touching At All) by Kou Yoneda

No Touching At All No Touching At All by Kou Yoneda
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read on April 21, 2014, read count: 1

Cried a little towards the end. Art wise this isn't my cuppa tea but storyline isn't shabby. A bitter sweet romance filled with doubts and unhappy past.

I was actually bored at the beginning, luckily the pace picks up somewhere in the middle and then the best part was towards the end. At least the courtship was kinda fun to read. Togawa was pushy in his pursuit of Shima. On the other hand Shima who was still recovering from a bad breakup was shying away from Togawa's attention. He is determined to stay away from straight guys at all cost. Straight as a rod Togawa was exactly the kind of guys Shima vowed to steer clear off.

I did find Togawa's sudden sexual interest towards Shima a little difficult to understand even if he has just discovered his attraction to guys and that he is bisexual. The lack of self doubt on his part made me question the plotline. Perhaps Togawa's transition to a bi wasn't tackled well.

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[REVIEW] Saddled (A Briarwood Agency Story) by Lyn Gala

Juicy Ponyplay story. Please bring extra panties!

Short but packs a punch! Smoking hot! The creative breaking and taming of a new human stallion was SO delicious to read. Absolutely thrilling and it makes my body tingles delightfully akin to having mini-orgasms. Now this is what I called ponyplay erotica.

What makes this extra delicious was the dubious consent that comes with the right mixture of consent cum noncon elements in it. I relish the sweet struggles by the protagonist between obedience and his instict to fight what was forced upon him even knowing beforehand what he had signed up for in the first place. John's master allowed him his instinct although he effectively controlled John's autonomy. John really had no idea this task would be much harder than it sounds on the call sheet for he would have to surrender himself entirely to the devious manipulation of a knowledgeable horse trainer.

Breaking a wild stallion was the sexual heights Davis seek for when he place his order with the Agency. I would say Davis got very lucky when the agency sent John to him as per his stated requirements; someone new to ponyplay and he got even luckier as John was a virgin bottom. Would he be able to tame this new stallion enough to slide his cock in for the pleasure of the beast's submission?

I like how John's mind is holding him in place besides his restrictive pony gears. He had to yield no matter how humiliating it was to be treated like a real horse and then ridden like one (pun intended). By allowing John his instinct to fight, the sexual tension was all the more intense. Because of it, taming him was a much sweeter challenge.

The author is very good at creating and sustaining the sexual tension between the characters and surrounds it with a fitting atmosphere. I don't even need the actual sex scenes to get excited, the training part was sufficient to make me change my panties. Freaking love the wicked preparations and the trainings Davis subjected John to. Mmmm... yummylicious!

I feel so wicked for loving all the sufferings John gone through. Davis dirty talking made me shudder with pleasure. And I freaking adored that devious bridle with a U-bracket bit in John's mouth although I still wonders how it looks like and how it works.

A big humongous thank you to Ms. Gala for writing and sharing this arousing story. I would love to read more of such stories in the future. It certainly was better than money could buy.

I could understand why the author does not wish to list this story on Goodreads. There are readers who would rate it low just because of its length despite knowing it is supposed to be a short story. This is regardless if the story delivered the right impact perfectly. Some just don't bother to give due consideration on the execution of the storyline and its theme. Even I find this most frustrating and unfair.

I don't exactly believe in judging a story by its length as I have seen many short ones that are much better than those lengthy ones. As long as the story delivers its theme and premise perfectly and manages to make a deep impression then it is a good story in my opinion and well deserving to be praised. Unless of course if it was an overpriced short story book with no word count disclosure. Some of these book even failed to make the story worthy of its price tag. Now these are the ones most deserving to be penalized. 

Saddled by Lyn Gala

Title: Saddled (A Briarwood Agency Story)
Author: Lyn Gala
Publication Date: October 10th, 2013
Publisher: Unpublished Free Short Story
Type: Short Story, 10K words (approximate)
Genre: M/M Erotica, Contemporary Fiction
Main Characters:
Title of Spoiler:
John (MC aka Wild Stallion) and Davis (the rich guy who had ordered for someone to play pony for him)
Title of Spoiler:
ponyplay, horse training, horse trainer, stables, horse tacks, bridle, harness, spreader bar, bondage glove, prostitution, rich guy, master and pet, wild stallion, anal sex, light whipping, bondage, restraints, gag, butt plug, anal fingering, anal play

Author's Note:
I’m the first to admit that sometimes I’m in a mood for erotica. I don’t want a whole lot of plot… just enough for me to keep my imagination happy. When these moods hit, I’m often vulnerable to those 2.99 short stories that promise happy, kinky fun. And I’ve written about how often I find myself disappointed. Often. Today I was trying to find inspiration for my writing and I went looking. It was not a good day, so I decided that instead I would do a little writing. Mind you, I should have been working on my contracted story, but sometimes the muse wants what she wants.

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[REVIEW] Lady Night, an Out of the Woods Story by Syd McGinley

Lady Night, an Out of the Woods Story
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read from April 15 to 17, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Five Charming Stars for this precious little story. I would sit by the fire to listen to Tarin spin a tale anytime even in the freezing cold winter.

Frankly I couldn't get enough of Tarin. He is such a joy to read about and there is never a dull moment with him around. He is a nice person but not without flaws, sometimes he did try to be selfish and a little mean. That makes him all the more believable as a person.

This Out of the Woods side story is essentially a prequel sharing the events prior to Tarin and his protector's capture. We would get to learn about how Tarin and the other woodland boys survives in the wild and endure the harsh winter. It was nice to get some of the Out of the Woods backstory.

Tarin is such a talented storyteller. His fireside scary story about the lonesome Lady Night Boy had me hanging on to his words as much as the other boys did. It was indeed the highlight of the book. I was grinning ear-to-ear listening to him scaring the bejesus out of the little ones.

I loved that the author respects her readers intellect, she does not spoon feed us all the answers but lay out the clues nicely for her readers to make the final connection. Another plus point of reading her work is the originality of her premise and plot. She is highly imaginative and creative. Therefore her stories are always engaging.

I would strongly advise readers to at least read Out of the Woods first before touching this side story. Best still, read on until the sequel, Twice-Caught before you read this mini story to get the full effect and enjoyment out of it although this side story is good enough as a standalone. It could even serve as a teaser to get a reader invested enough to try out the series.

Author: Syd McGinley
Publication Date: October 21st, 2011
Publisher: Torquere Press
Type: Short Story, 6,562 words (approximate)
Genre: Post-apocalypse and Dystopian M/M Fiction, Science Fiction-Futuristic
Main Characters: Tarin (a young woodland boy), Mart (Tarin's former protector in the woods), Cory (a woodland boy under Tarin's protection)
Tags/Keywords: Post-apocalypse, Dystopian, Patriarchal society, Matriarch, Totalitarian, Same Sex Relationships, Gay, Feral Child, Wild boys

On nights with big moons, Lady Night Boys look for life…

Wild boy Tarin is only telling a fireside story, but, like all his best intentions, it goes awry. He's survived this year's boy hunt, but now he must learn to protect the younger boys. Proud of his new role, he only meant to scare the boys a little bit with his stories of the undead boys from the maw, but now they're coming true. The hunger, cold, and wild dogs can be struggled against, but how will the woodland boys face a Lady Night Boy?

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* Reviewed on April 17th, 2014


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[REVIEW] A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas (Brac Pack, #24) by Lynn Hagen

A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas (Brac Pack, #24)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read from April 08 to 15, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

This gets a 3 stars from me despite feeling like I am drowning in orgies as I really enjoyed that hilarious ad-libbed nativity play set-up by that 'pot-smoking' alpha, Maverick. Snorts. Who would thought of that cool entrance by the three wise men?

This series have a bit of daddy-kink to it since the shifters are all large alpha males with smallish mates. The mates behaves like little kids around the wolves. And the wolves would chastise them like how a daddy would, then takes control and fawn over them like love sick puppies.

I did liked such dynamics as I have a thing for large males dominating over smaller males. In fact, there are parts in here where the smaller mates taking their wolves was a turn off for me.

I bet the Den smells like sex everyday. These wolves sure provides great business for the Brac Town's laundry services. The wolves and mates kept jumping each other at every opportunity. It was especially true with this book. In view of the fact that they are all doing it under the very same roof, it is almost like an orgy.

In A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas, the mates are behaving quite well and the one creating unrest and taking up the prankster role this time was an outsider instead Cecil of the famous uncontrollable bratty mate. This mysterious prankster's mischievous games nearly drove the mates crazy!

Overall it was entertaining in some parts but I was mainly bored due to the oversexing. Besides that, Ms. Hagen's effort to feature all of the Brac pack wolves with their respective mates in one book was a little tiresome to read because it felt repetitive with the recycling of plots for each pair. I also didn't like the ending where a dwarf turns into a handsome prince out of a sudden.

* Reviewed on April 16th, 2014


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[REVIEW] Out of the Woods (Tarin's World # 1) by Syd McGinley

Out of the Woods (Tarin's World, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Open minded fans of M/M & and Dystopia/Apocalypse fiction
Read from March 26 to 31, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

A Captivating Story of the Taming of a Free-spirited Wild Boy in a Post-Apocalypse Totalitarian Society

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Out of the Woods. It is a pleasure to watch the unique and original storyline unfolds as I tried my best to solve the mysteries surrounding the woodland boys and the men from the Before Times buildings. I pondered on why the men would hunt the boys each Fall? Why would new younger boys kept appearing in the woods skipping and singing. Are these new boys replacements for all those older ones which the men took with them? Where on earth did they come from when there's not a woman in sight? And lastly, why the men honour the Mothers greatly whereas the wood boys idolizes the Lady? These are only part of the mysteries found within the book and I am going to leave a theory of mine towards the end of this review on a major mystery everyone is dying to know. I am going to take my own shot at uncovering the layers of veils for that much speculated mystery.

These mysteries made Out of the Woods a highly compelling story. Apart from this there are other positive areas such as the well crafted characters that are engaging and relatable, amazing world-building with intriguing societal setup and exciting plots that super-glued me to the book.

Each of the characters have their own distinctive personality. And they are all memorable in their own way. This is especially true with Tarin our much adored protagonist. Tarin is a contented wild child of the woodland. His free-spirited ways with his valiant heart and plucky nature won me over. There is an endearing sweet innocent that surrounds him. He is also the character that made this story a whole lot of fun! His guileless approach to his new surroundings in the men's settlement resulted in many hilarious situations. Tarins says the darndest things! He tickles my funny bone countless times with his silly antics. He might appear to be clueless most of the times, yet there are times where he is wise beyond his years. I love him to bits.

The atmospheres at the men's settlement is always buzzing and alive with activities. Their daily lives are fascinating to me. Watching the men trying to reconstruct a civilized society based on what was left behind after what I think was an apocalypse destruction was thought-provoking.

Although there is only one antagonist in this story, I would say he wasn't the biggest threat to our protagonist or to his friends. It was men's greed for power and over ambitiousness of maintaining absolute control over others that made many suffered unfairly. This was nothing but outright tyranny and enslavement in the guise of protection and safety. Hence I reckon this issue as the predominant threat to Tarin and the boys.

The men adopted to a totalitarian societal setup that bears strong resemblance to a militarian organization. They are segregated by ranking and entitled to certain benefits according to their ranks. While the boys will always be boys; they do not have any authority or any actual autonomy. (I am unsure if this is a spoiler, but I decided to hide it to be on the safe side. So explore at your own risk)
Title of Spoiler:
The most, they are viewed as men's possession. A status symbol and a privilege all of the men are vying for; the boys are the ultimate price that bespoke a men's achievements.
This hierarchical system promotes powerplay that encourages oppression of the weakest. While I am fascinated by this societal structure, I am also repulsed by the harsh treatments of the boys because of it. As the judicial system was only made up by several of the top guns, the men are inevitably favored.

Title of Spoiler:
I believe I have a different perspective as to how this extraordinary world came about in comparison with other readers views. Scientific experimentation and gender imbalanced was amongst those theories pointed out by some readers.
As for me, I would like to think of this as a results of an intentional gender segregation designed by the females in order to control over the male population as an effort to contain the male's destructive nature that might have caused the apocalypse. I am guessing the apocalypse gave the females a chance to built a matriarch society with the aim of protecting mankind from further self destruction and extinction. It is some form of a preservation movement.
What supported this idea was because the Mothers only leave males in the woods even when said male has females siblings. For example, Tarin's sister Nalini gets to stay with the Mothers while he and his brother and male cousin was sent off to the woods. There was no mention of men amongst these woman who seems to have higher knowledge and technological advancement. Therefore I suspect they are deliberately keeping the men in the dark, only allowing low technology assistance and under their constant monitoring and commands because of the preservation movement I've just mentioned above. Another point from this angle is that they are also controlling the male population with intent since there was no females made available to these men. Yet this matriarch society manages to produce offspring by themselves and even gets to decide who goes where in the men's society. The Mothers has supreme pick of genes from the obedient pool of man who worships them like goddesses. The men's fanatical idolization of the Mothers felt somewhat like a cult religion.

Out of the Woods is certainly a character and plot driven story. There are many intriguing aspects in the lives of these men and boys to keep the wheels in my brain spinning endlessly churning out one speculation after another. I always appreciate books that made me think, helps keep my brain from rusting away. Heh.

Sex was sparse and low key. I was quite surprised it wasn't heavy on the sex as the men and the boys are all pretty hedonistic in nature. Don't fret though, because gifts (that's what they called jism/cum) are flying everywhere 'all the time' despite the lack of penetration.

I had SO much fun trying to try to figure out all those new words used to describe Before Times stuff, for example the 'silver duck', 'divid' and 'go-sloshes'. It's quite funny once you get what they actually meant.

I didn't spend time to talk about Tarin's relationship with his man because I wish to focus on the uniqueness of the setting and also to share my impression of the story as a whole. If you must know, the romance aspect wasn't the core of this story. It is more like a sub-plot. Tarin and Garrick did have a rocky beginning and they both have to work out their priorities before their relationship could take the next step. Yes, Garrick is a good man at heart and his patient and caring ways made him suitable for Tarin.

The focus of the story is really on Tarin's struggles on fitting in with the men's civilized community and his effort to find himself again in a strange world he was thrown into. It wasn't an easy feat and he was fighting them every steps. Everything felt wrong to him, his beliefs was scorned, his will and freedom was forcefully taken away from him. His only hope for survival is his submission. In the men's eyes Tarin is just a savage that needed to be tamed and to learn his place amongst the men.

I know some readers might find the woodland boys to be too childlike and dislike the story because the boys' peculiar behaviour would make the men appears like perverted geezers pawing on the kids. Nevertheless I am excusing this odd behavior of the boys because they have essentially lived in seclusion ever since young and devoid of adult attentions or exposure to the civilized world. Therefore it is highly plausible for them to retain their innocence and to displays such level of naivety akin to a young child just on the onset of puberty despite being in their late teens years. Hell! the boys can't even speak properly, they lack vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to make their dialog mature.

All this makes sense to me and I am glad the author has the wisdom to depict these special boys with such strange situations realistically. In fact, I would commend the author for her superb skill at bringing to life such a difficult character to portray, as the main character. Making him an engaging character who not only charmed the readers but carried the storyline effortlessly was an amazing feat.

I wish I could tell you more but I do not want to spoil the story for you. Do read this with an open mind if you wish to gain more than just a capture-captive story. I loved it so much that I picked up the sequel right after putting this book down and finished the second book in record breaking time.

If you wish to explore more of Tarin's world, you might want to check out the author's page dedicated to this wonderful book: TARIN'S WORLD (it is very informative and I really appreciate the author's effort on putting it up. How I wish other books I've ever read has such a page for the readers)

Author: Syd McGinley
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2011
Publisher: Torquere
Type: Novel, 80,349 words (approximate)
Genre: Post-apocalypse and Dystopian M/M Fiction, Science Fiction-Futuristic
Main Characters:
Title of Spoiler:
Tarin (a young woodland boy), Garrick/Beak-face (a hunter cum Captain and also Tarin's man), Mart (Tarin's former protector in the woods), Cale (a Lieutenant and also Mart's man), Titus (Head of the religious group and a co-commander of the community), Sten (he is a General and a co-commander with Titus), Ofer (an abused community boy), Cory (a woodland boy under Tarin's protection), Edon (Sergeant), Gideon (Healer cum Colonel), Helem (Armorer cum Colonel), Jadon (a Major), Micah (Cadet), Kenan (Cadet)
Title of Spoiler:
Post-apocalypse, Dystopian, Patriarchal society, Matriarch, Totalitarian, Oppression, Abuse, Same Sex Relationships, Gay, Enslavement, Capture, Captivity, Confinement, Corporal Punishments, Pleasure Slaves, Sex pets, Slavery, Slave training, Military, Military ranking, Hierarchy, Caste System

Wild boy Tarin is determined not to be captured by the men who live in the decaying Before Times buildings on the other side of Tarin's woodland home, but he's just as determined to protect the younger boys in the woods. No one remembers being a child or knows where all the women have gone or how society crumbled, but for as long as they can remember, boys have lived in the woods and are hunted by the men each Fall. Some boys believe in a mysterious Lady who protects them, while others think the men are magic. Tarin knows better - he's met a man, and escaped by stabbing him. Hunted through the woods as he tries to protect the weaker Cory, Tarin is trapped and claimed by the very man he knifed. All Tarin wants is to stay in the woods and not have to get 'civilized,' but he's carried off into a different world of rules and discipline. Will he be able to survive now that he is Out of the Woods?

Excerpt on Publisher's website (click on the link)

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* Reviewed on April 10th, 2014


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

[REVIEW] The Pet Whisperer by liliaeth

The Pet Whisperer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Read from April 05 to 08, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

What a Horrifying and Disturbing Story! I have been forcefully defiled. Mind Raped!

I admit it does have some entertainment value, but the munching on humans killed me. I mean I love the angst and liked the wicked pet training, but.... PLEASE! DO NOT EAT PEOPLE! Argh!

Humans as main course on the dining table of Gods. *dying* Gods hunting humans as food, even the children aren't safe. *dies in agony* Keeping humans as livestock for their juicy meat. *am so dead* Some of luckier ones are kept as household slaves, and the luckiest are those pretty ones which the Gods kept as eye-candies aka pets. The pets aren't exactly safe from ending up on the table as well. Da fuq!

How I wish this story could just focus on the pet training and leave out the grisly stuff. Each time I think of it... I.... *pukes everywhere* The slaughter of innocents both angers and sickens me so much I could feel my soul burning at the atrocities happening at every turn of the story. The author is sure brave and daring but too over-the-top with the horror aspect, it squicked me out even knowing she might be trying to deliver her message on animal abuse and to encourage vegetarianism.

The thing is, this story is utterly disturbing and horrifying as the amount of outright cannibalism overshadowed the pet training aspect eventhough petplay should be the main focus of this story as per suggested by its title and blurb. I kept on reading this morbid tale because I couldn't stop until I find out what would happen to Dean at the end.

WARNING: You really can't unseen what you have seen. For sure this is NOT for the faint-of-heart unless you are into gore and cannibalism. Beware of being eaten alive while kicking and screaming even your soul aren't spared. If you could curb your curiosity, I would advice you to stay away from this. The blurb didn't have any warning on the extreme cannibalism. I did blame myself for not checking out the story tags throughly before diving into it.

I am pretty sure that title and blurb would potentially leads unsuspecting readers who are looking forward to some petplay fun with added bonus of the famous Castiel-Dean pairing into the darkest void of evil and then gets drown in human misery so great one would felt scarred for life; speaking from the view of a traumatized reader. I have no way out now, it's too late for me. Go safe yourself!

Da fuq I've just read. @_@;
I need fluff pronto!

I am giving this a 2 stars not entirely because of the disturbing nature of the in-depth cannibalism, it is also due to the quality of the writing itself. There are parts where the plots fails and the characters has OOC moments here and there. I am also deducting points for not staying focus on the promised petplay theme. To be clear, I did appreciate the parts on the pet training and the melding of multiple mythologies with modern religion.

To put it in other words, this story is as entertaining as an intense nightmare you fought to wake up from.

Author: liliaeth
Publication Date: July 21st, 2012
Type: Fanfiction of the Supernatural TV Series, 66,475 words (Completed fanfic)
Genre: Alternate Universe M/M-F/M-M/F Fan Fiction, Horror
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Original Female Character(s), Hades (Greek and Roman Mythology), Demeter & Persephone (Greek and Roman Mythology), God (Supernatural), God!Castiel
Tags/Keywords:  cannibalism, vore, pagan gods, eating humans, dehumanization, slavery, dubious consent, body modification, sounding, butt plugs, piercings, conditioning, rape, pet training, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, multiple partners, breeding

The pagan goddess Despoine is widely regarded as the best trainer of human pets in the supernatural world. When the new god Castiel demands her aid in training his pet Dean, she definitely knows better than to say no.

Words:66,475 Complete - Chapters:19/19 - Free Download
Supernatural Fanfic

* Reviewed on April 8th, 2014


Saturday, 5 April 2014

[REVIEW] Proper Omegas don’t drive cars by liliaeth

Proper Omegas don’t drive cars

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read on April 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Around 2.5 Stars rounding up to 3 Stars since I got myself sucked into the story regardless of the quality. If a story entertains its readers, then it is a success.

I am pretty torn as to how to rate this because the plots was contradicting each other. I'd say that the facts are just all over the place that it's hard to make sense of things.

Even though I have those concerns niggling me as I read, I just couldn't seem to put it down. Instead I got my nose stuck in it till I finished the whole story. That's a rare thing for a slow reader like me. This story can be considered a novelette length.

I am blaming my keen attraction to this story on my love for angsty story. Angst IS like crack to me. There's ample angst in this story to keep me on a constant high. I believe I am broken somewhere but I liked the way I am.

In this story, Dean was confined in an institution when his long hidden status as an omega was found out. Omegas are not even proper citizens. The most they are treated like pets and not even trusted enough to be home alone without a nanny. Disobedience are curbed instantaneously with a good spanking or some prefers swatting them with rolled newspapers. Omegas are believed to be mindless therefore they don't know what is good for them hence they have zero autonomy or rights in the eyes of the Alphas and Beta. It's all for their own good and safety.

While Dean was in custody, Sam and his dad was desperate to get Dean out of that brainwashing place. A place where they turn omegas into the perfect sex toy any Alphas could ever ask for. Was it too late for Dean now? That was a question to be answered in the coming sequel. Damnit!

The story is took place in an alternate universe setting. I found the societal setup intriguing. This story is purely focused upon the dynamics of Alpha, Beta and Omega. Naturally, the Alphas are those in authority or in position of power. Betas are their support basically. And those poor Omegas are less than human. Although some would cherish them especially for their breeding ability, they are those who would exploit them through sex slavery and other form of slaveries. The worst place an omega could find themselves in was the those illegal breeding farms.

Since the facts are so messed up, I am still trying to figure out whether Alphas are the only one who could get an omega pregnant or the betas could also do the same? And how does a female alpha impregnate their male omega? I don't see the alphas even the female ones would bear the baby since omegas regardless of their sex are supposed to be the ultimate breeding machines.

About the concern on that 'under-age' tag on the story, there isn't a need worry as any under-age events are rather implied and off page. To those who are seeking for romance in this story, there's none to be found here. The sequel could have such a possibility due to events unfolded in part one. Nope, no sexy times in this one also but as I've said, watch out for the sequel. I am the sequel would bring these missing elements and answer some of my questions. Otherwise, I could just hope for more delicious angst and be satisfied with that at least.



Dean Winchester, our sad and angsty omega who hides from his true identity.
A broken and vulnerable Dean is very adorable.

Sam Winchester is Dean's clueless brother who is a young alpha studying law.

John Winchester the irresponsible, missing father.
I hope to see him cry a little for his fuq up on parenting.

Victor Henriksen is the alpha that owns Dean.
Will he acknowledge Dean as an equal? Is he the kind of alpha a spirited omega like Dean wish for?

Author: liliaeth
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Cover Art: Lylithj2
Type: Fanfiction of the Supernatural TV Series, 33,084 words (Completed fanfic)
Genre: Alternate Universe M/M Fiction, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Victor Henriksen, Gordon Walker, Zachariah (Supernatural), Ellen Harvelle, Kevin Tran, Tamara (Supernatural), Calvin Reidy
Tags/Keywords: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, dub-con, Brainwashing, Sexism, Bottom Dean, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Slavery, Gender Roles

In a world where Omegas are treated as perpetual children, with only few more rights than pets, Dean spent most of his life hiding that he was an Omega. When his true gender is discovered in the worst possible way, Dean is sent in the guardianship of his younger brother Sam. Omegas after all, can’t look after themselves.


* Reviewed on April 5th, 2014