Wednesday, 4 February 2015

[REVIEW BL NOVEL] Feng Yu Jiu Tian [ 凤于九天 ] 之二十一 疾风劲草 by Feng Nong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from February 03 to 04, 2015, read count: 1

Nong-Nong, you are so merciless! *clutch chest in pain* Why? Why kill off so many innocent people? And they are such nice people too. *tearing up* Moreover it pains my heart to see Feng Ming suffer so much because of his kindness. Are you trying to taint his pure soul and damage it to the point of no return?

It was sure pure agony from Book 20 onwards and the situation is still pretty dire after the end of Book 21. I would advice to make sure you have secured Book 21 and 22 when you plan on starting Book 20. The extreme anxiety could really be too much for you to bear if you were to halt your reading midway after starting on Book 20. I am no longer sure if I am just reading a Yaoi (Boy's Love) Novel at this point. The story is too complex to be just a simple Yaoi fare. It was both character and plot driven. The author is very daring hence the plot was absolutely unpredictable. Which is why my heart was racing non-stop and my finger nails suffers numerous bite marks.

On a brighter note, Nong-Nong did insert a pretty hot H-scene (smex scene) between my favorite pairing, the Ruo Yan (若言) and Feng Ming (鳳鳴) pair as a side story which I presume was an attempt to appease her fans for ruffling their feathers so harshly. Fans would be delighted to know that there's actually a radiodrama of this exciting side story. You could listen to it here: 《凤于九天;夜宫》风弄原著耽美广播剧 . It's in Mandarin of course. Initially I could only understand about 70% to 80% of it but after reading the novel I find it more stimulating than before since now I could understand what's really going on.

I am off to Book 22 now. Not a minute to waste!

Ruo Yan (the one with white hair) and our beloved adorable uke, Feng Ming.

* Reviewed on 4th February 2015


  1. Wow, you're on book 22? I'm so envious!
    I have to rely on the English translations which coming in slower than other languages. If only I could read Chinese!

    The guy who cosplays are Ruo Yan is so handsome. I think he looks better than Rong Tian hehe, although I have a thing for guys with white hair.

    1. *cosplays AS Ruo Yan
      bleh, why doesn't google have an edit option @__@

    2. Yea I kinda like that Ruo Yan cosplayer better than that Rong Tian cosplayer. Feng Ming and Lit Yee is perfect fit right?

      I am already up till book 29 now. Pending book number 30 to be released. Feng Ming went on an epic journey. Lots of thrilling things happened. And I can't wait to read the next book.

      I actually can't read Chinese but I could understand spoken Chinese. Therefore I used TTS to help me to read out the book in Cantonese for me. Else, I would be just like you, having to wait for the translations.