Sunday, 18 January 2015

[REVIEW] Feng Yu Jiu Tian [凤于九天] Vol. 6 - Xi Lei's Winter Nightmare [冬雷惊梦] by Feng Nong [風弄]

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read from January 16 to 18, 2015, read count: 2 

Book Six is about 3.5 stars. Probably it's because I dislike the World-Most-Beautiful-Man, Lu Dan. He has a sad background but I didn't like the way he goes about things. I find it hard to empathize with him. Plus I didn't quite like this new superstitious country called Dong Fang which was the new setting for this book. Their citizens are so backwards and it is utterly corrupted due to their fanaticism over their gods.

Once again Xi Li King and his beloved was once again forced to part way and both of them are in danger. This time around Feng Ming can't afford to sit around and be the damsel in distress. He has to use ever cell in his brain to keep himself safe. He was nearly done for a couple of times if not for his quick wit and lady luck favoring him. I liked that he is not like those all macho type trying too hard to be brave. He is scared shitless yet have the strength and bravery to face his adversity. Yes he did complained and whined a little but it was rather cute when he does that. Lol. Funny kid.

What I loved most about this book was the complex psychological warfare employed. There are lots of scheming and betrayals but it was intriguing to see how people react to triggered events, every choice has different outcome and the deeper you could calculate your opponent's next move the better would be your odds of winning.

* Reviewed on 18th January 2015


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