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[REVIEW] Give Me A Hug: 8 Life Lessons From Nick Your Kids Cannot Miss by Nick Vujicic

Give Me A Hug : 8 Life Lessons From Nick Your Kids Cannot Miss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Everyone. Especially parents to share with their kids.
Read from May 03 to 15, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I love the artwork, it's lovely, adorable and helps to bring the story across nicely. The inspirational messages within was easy to understand hence would be great for young children. Even grownups could flip-tru it especially when life gets tough, it would surely help to put things into better perspective and potentially renew hope. With hope, we could try again and again until we succeed. You call the quits now, you fail the moment you stop trying.

I hope my boy has taken Nick's heartfelt messages to heart and start believing in himself. I too should start recognizing my own potential.

Everyone needs a hug or a pat on their backs every now and then. Since it's free why not give it out every chance you get?

I would recommend this book to all parents to share with their kids. Might not be instant life-changing but it is never too early or late to plant the good seed.

Author: Nick Vujicic
Illustrator: Dreamergo
Publication Date: August 2013
Publisher: Ignatius Ho
Type: Children's Illustrated Novel
Genre: Children, Inspirational and Motivational Real Life Story

Nick could be angry about not having arms or legs, but he chooses to be thankful for his little "chicken drumstick" instead.

We will all face difficulties in life, but if we don't give up, if we try to do things in a new way, if we take a different view of things, everything is possible!

You may have some doubts: "No hands? How can he hug then?"
If Nick can do it, so can you!

This is an inspirational illustrated storybook about the importance of love in our life.

Whether you are a child or an adult, learn to appreciate and treasure each day, and most significantly, live a life full of gratitude.

Love others as yourself, and give someone in need a big warm hug!

"Give Me a Hug" is an illustrated storybook based on the true story of a limbless Australian motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic.

"Whether your life is happy or not is your own choice.

Many people think I can't live a normal life because 

I don't have arms or legs.

I could choose to believe that and give up trying.

I could stay at home and wait for others to take care of me.
Instead, I choose to believe that I can do anything, 
and I always try to do things my own way.
I choose to be happy.
I am happy because I am always thankful."

* Reviewed on May 16th, 2014


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I've just bought this lovely Hardcover book a moment ago when I was at the local mall. Can't resist the beautiful of the artwork and the story. Plus the 25% discount was compelling me to make it mine -- So I did.

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