Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Feng Yu Jiu Tian [凤于九天] Vol. 8 - Returning Trip of Swaying Air [荡气回程] by Feng Nong [風弄]

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The pair of lover was afflicted with a frustrating situation when they made a rest stop near Aman River. And Feng Ming’s mysterious parentage was revealed but reunion was not like how he imagined it would be. Rong Tian and Feng Ming is at a lost over their current dilemma. Would they be able to outsmart their opponent this time? Before they could come up with any brilliant ideas, misfortune as occurred again and Feng Ming was hurt?

This chapter reminds me of a plotline from Return of the Condor Heroes (a famous wuxia romance novel), where the main character, Yang Guo was poisoned by ‘Flowers of Passion' (Qing Hua) at the ‘Heartless Valley’ (Jue Qing Valley).

* 20th January 2015

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