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[REVIEW] Feng Yu Jiu Tian [凤于九天] Vol. 7 - A Prestigious King's Mighty Strenth [王威浩荡] by Feng Nong [風弄]

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Poor innocent Feng Ming has to witness countless cruel acts due to endless power struggles. He is a coveted pawn piece important to ensure victory over a strong nation. Being the beloved of his King, there is no way for him to prevent being targeted by others with ill intentions. Due to all the trials and tribulations ever since he became the lover of King Xi Lei, he has matured and harden to a certain level but still managed to retain his kind heart. No doubt this is a major weakness in him I am rather proud and glad that he is still pure hearted. He is not exactly martyr type but Feng Ming does not have a malicious bone in him.

In the review of the previous book, I mentioned that I had disliked Lu Dan. But after Book Seven, I could no longer hate him and had even cried for him and his lover. He is just a man madly in love. For his beloved he has made too many sacrifices. These two men are indeed a tragedious pair of lovers. *shed silent tears*

Although Feng Ming encountered many misfortunes this time, he has also gained something invaluable in return. A great gift not without hidden intention, nevertheless it is a most generous gift of all. One that would ensure Rong Tian and Feng Ming does not need to share the same fate as that tragedious pair.

* Reviewed on 19th January 2015

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