Wednesday, 9 October 2013

[FAV LIST] M/M Books with Themes of Restricted Freedom and Personal Choice

These are my personal favorite books with Restricted Freedom and Personal Choice Theme of the M/M Genre.
I kinda have a kink for slavefic especially those of the noncon variety.
There's a Goodreads Listopia on this subject too - Linkitty

Dead to the World (Water Lovers of Sirilon #3) Acquainted with the NightWant MeWhat Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?Tarantula
TributePathfinderTaming Riki Vol 1, Part 1 (Taming Riki, #1)Taming Riki Vol 1, Part 2 (Taming Riki, #2)Bloodraven
Waiting in the ThroesI, OmegaCat ToyFog: A Novel of Desire and ReprisalGamble Everything (Gamble Everything, #1-7)

The Jascian's ToyHome Trained For YouAugust


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