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[MANGA REVIEW] Casino Lily by Youka Nitta

Recommended by: Haru Wo Daiteita Vol. 6 - They were in a chapter.
Recommended for: Those who enjoys sensual sex scenes and lovely artwork.
Read from November 30 to December 16, 2013

I got curious about Magira and Carlos in Casino Lily when I was reading Haru wo Daiteita - Embracing Love Vol. 6. They both made a cameo when Iwaki and Katou of Haru Wo Daiteita was vacationing in LA.

In Casino Lily, Magira was gambling another suitor's money in Carlos' Las Vegas casino. Carlos was smitten by Magira's charm and his amazing wining streak at the bet table. He was also curious about this lovely Japanese man who was nicknamed Casino Lily.

Yuki Magira was actually trying his best to break a gambling curse whereby he would not win as long as he is gambling his own money. But when it comes to gambling with other people's money, it was zero losses. He had made a promised with someone he loved back at Japan that he would give up on gambling if he is not able to break this curse of his.

Overall, the story was engaging but it wasn't on par with Nitta sensei's other work especially her groundbreaking work, Haru Wo Daiteita. I didn't feel as deeply connected with the characters in Casino Lily. I do like them though. They are lovely to look at and as usual, Nitta Sensei's sex scenes are always sensual and beautiful to ogle look at.

I did enjoyed Carlos' suaveness and his confidence air. He is such a lovely presence. Thing is, I didn't understand his attraction towards Magira. His fixation was unnatural for a man of his standing - he could have anything or anyone. Did he fall for Magira's willfulness? Magira wasn't exactly known to be faithful. In fact, he was promiscuous. Carlos certainly have odd taste.

Meet Carlos (on the left) and Magira (on the right)

Charming and suave Carlos blinded by his lust love for beautiful Magira.


Title: Casino Lily
Author: Youka Nitta
Publisher: Biblos (Original Publisher)
Publication Date: 1999
Type: Yaoi Manga (One volume, standalone)
Genre: Yaoi, M/M, Gay, Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Tags/Keywords: Yaoi, gay, erotica, consensual, gambling, gamble, gambler, curse, casino, bishonen, pretty boy, filthy rich guy, rich suitor, passionate lover, promiscuity, one-night-stand, oral-sex, blow-job, anal-sex, two love interest, interracial, manga, Adapted to Drama CD

Las Vegas Casino owner Carlo and genius gambler "Casino Lily" Yuri Magira gambled on Carlo's cruiser.
Although Yuri won, he did not want Carlo's fortune, but asked for his body...?

Carlo and Magira make guest appearances in volume 6 of Haru Wo Daiteita.

PREVIOUS COMMENT - 5th Sept 2013:

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Met them at Haru Wo Daiteita Vol. 6 when they chance upon both Iwaki and Katou during their trip to LA for a vacation. Now I gotta read about their story - the story of Magira and Carlos. I would love to know how they ended up together and having that kind of relationship.

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