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[REVIEW] To Dragons Bound (To Dragons Bound, #1-5) by Clara Bright

Buddy Read: MLE, Elspeth, Vivian Archer on December 10th, 2013
Read from December 10 to 12, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I struggled with this book. Tried as I might to ignore the unpolished writings, I couldn't get pass the jarring texts to immerse myself into the story. I was regularly jolted out of the story by the weak composition, odd word choice, redundant conjunctives and excessive adverbs.

The out-of-the-norm passivity of the protagonist was not helping to endear him to me either. Throughout the story Alim had only shown token resentment towards the dragon lord for the unfair treatment of him and his family. His show of indignation felt rather perfunctory. Moreover, how could he not worry for his elderly grandfather who was left to fend for himself now that he has also lost Alim to their tyrannic ruler?

Sadly, the rest of the characters are also one-dimensional hence I couldn't find any worthy ones to vouch for. I didn't even feel hate or disgust for the villains either nor do I find them interesting. Another thing to note is that the mpreg side of the story was mostly glossed over. Bummer.

The book primarily focus on the sex-tango between Alim and his mate, Prince Erol plus Alim and Prince Aras the jealous royal brother. Consequently, sex is plentiful in this book and the author has been creative with it. I liked the different settings for the debaucheries and also the beastly sex. Yet once again, it could have been good if the writings works the way it should. Sorry, I am beginning to sound like a broken record here.

The premise itself was quite a promising one it's the execution that failed due to inexperience writing. With more experience and getting better help on proofreading and editing, this could have rocked my world and I am sure it would hit the spot with other readers too.

I have to blamed it on my recent rotten luck with books because this month alone I have bought not one BUT two poorly written book that needs serious editing AND both are ridiculously priced.

I have always been willing to try out new indie authors as I am quite an adventurous risk taker in terms of reading. I guess, I can't be hitting the jackpot always. Seems like I should go do some serious ass-kissing for the book-leprechauns to get back in their good graces again.

Lastly, I have developed deep feelings for this picture after reading the book.

It made me empathize with Alim's predicament.


Title: To Dragons Bound
Related: To Dragons Bound Series
Author: Clara Bright
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2013
Type: Short Story, 16,267 words (approximate)
Genre: M/M, Gay, Fantasy, Romance, Mpreg, Erotica
Tags/Keywords: alpha-dominant-male, anal-sex, anthologies_n_short-stories, bareback, bondage_use-of-restrains, breeding_impregnation, brutes-and-twinks, buddy-read, bundle_compilation, captive-captivity-confinement, captured-kidnapped, dominance-submission, dragons, dubcon_noncon, dysfunctional-relationships, erotica, exhibitionism, family-issues, fantasy, forced-seduction, gay-for-you, gay_mm, hand-job, hea_happily-ever-after, interspecies, kept-man, lgbtq, macho_max-testosterone-alpha, maledom, matings-bondings, mpreg, multiple-partners_threesomes-n-more, oral-sex, pain-pleasure, possesive-partner-master-dom, public-sex, rape, reluctant-forced, rescue-damsel-in-distress, restricted-freedom, rich_wealthy_mc, rimming-tongue-sex, romance, rough-sex, series_completed, sex-fest, shifters, supersized-cock-or-abnormal-cock, tyrant-dominant-male, unwilling-slave-pet-sub-partner, virgins, weak-defenseless-protagonist, young-man_youth

The weather was good the day they came for him. At least there was that. Alim could savor the sun on his back while he tended the garden behind his grandfather's house, his mind far from the craggy mountain at the distant western edge of the plain. The mountain loomed over and, by way of its multitudinous mine shafts, lurked under the entire island. The stone tower and its tyrant master lurked also in the minds of the islanders, forever in the very back of their minds as a vague but certain threat. In early spring, just after last frost, the threat came to the forefront of their minds.

But that time was past now; summer sun peered through the wispy clouds and warmed the breezes of late spring. Young, green leaves poked above the tilled earth in defiance of oppression. The island, and Alim with it, was at ease.
Alim's easy life is doomed to end one sunny day when the lord of his island, a fearsome dragon who enslaves his people to toil under the mountain, sends a raiding party to steal him away. Him, and only him. To Alim's shock and disgust, he discovers he's been torn from his family to serve as consort to the lord's heir, the haughty and demanding Erol, who presents the appearance not of a dragon but of a statuesque young man. Worse, he's expected to become the vessel for Erol's child, and Erol's equally possessive brother is chomping at the bit to seed him first and claim their father's throne.

This collection contains all 5 stories originally serialized online.

Warning: This 15,000 word collection contains graphic M/m scenes, including group sex scenes, shifter sex; and themes of dubious consent, bondage, and male pregnancy. All characters are over the age of 18.

* BR with MLE, Elspeth & Vivian Archer

* Reviewed on December 12th, 2013

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