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[REVIEW] Oh How That Cane Hurts (Attitude Adjustment for Misbehaving Men) by Mark Maguire

Oh How That Cane Hurts (Attitude Adjustment for Misbehaving Men)Oh How That Cane Hurts by Mark Maguire
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars 
Recommended by: Brina Brady
Recommended for: BDSM Corporal Punishment fans
Read from December 21 to 23, 2013

A 3.5 Stars because this book has beaten me into submission.

My rump still smarts from the virtual welts and I felt slightly euphoric from the experience.

This book does weird things to me. The author is messing with my head! I mean the writing wasn't exactly professional although it is nicely done. Even so, somehow the book is compelling. Weird. What's weirdest is that I am not a masochist or a pain junkie yet why do I feel like wanting to experience a caning session for myself? *perplexed* Brina, I now know why you claim that I would wish to be caned after reading this book. :/

The dominant in me likes the squirming, struggling, quivering hot male bodies submitting to a thorough caning. The images presented waters my mouth and quickens my pulse. I wanted to hold that wicked cane for myself and do some serious punishments on perky round manly bottoms! Oohhh how I love that first caning session suffered by the author himself at the hands of his 'education enforcer'.

Maguire, the author of this story switched from TAKING the cane to GIVING it. He passionately shares with us the joys and bliss he found in both experiences. Various men flock to him for his expertise in doling out this exquisite pain. Some even seek a caning session with him as stress management therapy.

Maguire leads us through the process of setting up a caning session; from pre-preparations for building up the anticipation and fear, to the selection of canes and the art of using it. Maguire added that the disciplinary canes are also widely known as "The Attitude Adjustor" or "The Persuader" as it would usually bring about rapid "behaviour modification" for the recipient. I had my fair share of these "attitude adjustor" when I was young, I just couldn't recall how it felt like by now. I did know I was scared shitless! A whimpering mess in a corner even before that wicked cane was anywhere near me. My mom used to complain that it was very difficult to use the cane on me. *blush*

Flexibility of a cane is one of the important attributes of a disciplinary cane as it directly affects the quality of the caning itself although the thickness and the user's experience played a role too. Dragon canes are thicker and denser yet just as whippy, hence it is much severe in terms of pain delivery. Maguire himself seems to prefer the kooboo or rattan school canes with hook handle.

The thinner the cane the crueler it was. A too thick cane causes bruising which isn't the aim here. Therefore the ideal is a medium thickness cane which is whippy and capable of carrying the sting deeper hence causing more discomfort yet not as damaging. Mind you, I am just trying to sum up some of the cane selection suggestions from the book therefore please do not take it verbatim, there are many other factors that comes into play for an effective and safe caning experience. A word of caution here: Please read the book and apply your own judgment plus do more research before attempting any of this on your own. Safety first remember? Some damages are irreversible and you most certainly do not want to live with it.

I love it when Maguire candidly talks about the delightful reactions from the recipients of his punishing cane.
This. Is. Hot....

The familiar "crack - thwhack!" of a pliant crook-handled cane as it performs the good work of punishing meekly- presented manly bare buttocks is a real delight for the experienced enthusiastic giver. Administering a succession of increasingly severe strokes always produces a range of delightful noises in response.

I liked those noises. Delightful!

The caning scenes from the book kept bringing me back to Gamble Everything by Cari Waites. I can't shake off the hot images of Archer's effective and purposeful caning of poor Danny boy. The squirming and the agony shown by Danny after each session and his after care was too exquisite to forget.

This story was written in such a way that it reads almost like an instructional guide book to corporal punishment for consenting gay males who has predilection for the cane. This might sound boring but oddly it wasn't and I seriously feel it might make a good wanking material for the those with corporal punishment kink especially for the endorphins junkies. It might even appeal to YOU. I mean, just take a look at me... I am a straight woman and a non-masochist, I don't like pain yet I find this book stimulating and quite erotic. Give it a go will you? Never say never.

I guess I am affected by Maguire's earnestness in sharing his experience. It was insightful, heartfelt and most infectious! I also liked his voice and the bit of humour he would inject into his narration to keep the interest of his readers.


Title: Oh How That Cane Hurts (Attitude Adjustment for Misbehaving Men)
Author: Mark Maguire
Publication Date: October 6th, 2013
Type: Short Story, 9,701 words (approximate)
Genre: BDSM, Gay, Dominance-Submission, Consensual, Erotica
Tags/Keywords: corporal punishment, caning, spanking, dominance-submission, humiliation-degradation, bdsm, no bondage, consensual discipline, disciplinary, male dominance, gay, no sex, endorphin, pain, painful, masochist, masochistic, kinky, horny men, erotica, voyeurism, exhibitionist, erotic

In this extremely horny read, Mark Maguire begins by describing a hard bare bottom caning he received as an 18 year old sixth former. It was a painful and humiliating introduction to corporal punishment, which he now dishes out to other men on a regular basis. His canings hurt a lot and he describes the techniques he uses to make his subs plead, beg, and promise to obey.

Read about Nathan who attends weekly appointments with Mark’s thin, whippy punishment cane. Then meet James whose partner sends him to Mark every weekend to have his bare bum striped with at least 18 hard strokes applied right where he sits down! And then highly-stressed businessman Clive is put through his paces while his colleague Richard watches. Clive gets a thorough bare bottom spanking, corner time, lines to write, and a real punishment caning that soon gets him promising to behave!

Mark’s discipline is highly effective and the descriptions of the canings and other punishments are so vivid you can almost feel that intolerable sting as you read about them.

Warning. Mark Maguire’s writing contains strong adult sexual material and is for over 18s only.

NB A fem-dom version of this exciting and erotice ebook is available as "Painful Fem-Dom Discipline for Humiliated Husbands" by Mistress Jade (with Mark Maguire).

* Reviewed on December 24th, 2013


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