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[REVIEW] Proper Omegas don’t drive cars by liliaeth

Proper Omegas don’t drive cars

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read on April 05, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Around 2.5 Stars rounding up to 3 Stars since I got myself sucked into the story regardless of the quality. If a story entertains its readers, then it is a success.

I am pretty torn as to how to rate this because the plots was contradicting each other. I'd say that the facts are just all over the place that it's hard to make sense of things.

Even though I have those concerns niggling me as I read, I just couldn't seem to put it down. Instead I got my nose stuck in it till I finished the whole story. That's a rare thing for a slow reader like me. This story can be considered a novelette length.

I am blaming my keen attraction to this story on my love for angsty story. Angst IS like crack to me. There's ample angst in this story to keep me on a constant high. I believe I am broken somewhere but I liked the way I am.

In this story, Dean was confined in an institution when his long hidden status as an omega was found out. Omegas are not even proper citizens. The most they are treated like pets and not even trusted enough to be home alone without a nanny. Disobedience are curbed instantaneously with a good spanking or some prefers swatting them with rolled newspapers. Omegas are believed to be mindless therefore they don't know what is good for them hence they have zero autonomy or rights in the eyes of the Alphas and Beta. It's all for their own good and safety.

While Dean was in custody, Sam and his dad was desperate to get Dean out of that brainwashing place. A place where they turn omegas into the perfect sex toy any Alphas could ever ask for. Was it too late for Dean now? That was a question to be answered in the coming sequel. Damnit!

The story is took place in an alternate universe setting. I found the societal setup intriguing. This story is purely focused upon the dynamics of Alpha, Beta and Omega. Naturally, the Alphas are those in authority or in position of power. Betas are their support basically. And those poor Omegas are less than human. Although some would cherish them especially for their breeding ability, they are those who would exploit them through sex slavery and other form of slaveries. The worst place an omega could find themselves in was the those illegal breeding farms.

Since the facts are so messed up, I am still trying to figure out whether Alphas are the only one who could get an omega pregnant or the betas could also do the same? And how does a female alpha impregnate their male omega? I don't see the alphas even the female ones would bear the baby since omegas regardless of their sex are supposed to be the ultimate breeding machines.

About the concern on that 'under-age' tag on the story, there isn't a need worry as any under-age events are rather implied and off page. To those who are seeking for romance in this story, there's none to be found here. The sequel could have such a possibility due to events unfolded in part one. Nope, no sexy times in this one also but as I've said, watch out for the sequel. I am the sequel would bring these missing elements and answer some of my questions. Otherwise, I could just hope for more delicious angst and be satisfied with that at least.



Dean Winchester, our sad and angsty omega who hides from his true identity.
A broken and vulnerable Dean is very adorable.

Sam Winchester is Dean's clueless brother who is a young alpha studying law.

John Winchester the irresponsible, missing father.
I hope to see him cry a little for his fuq up on parenting.

Victor Henriksen is the alpha that owns Dean.
Will he acknowledge Dean as an equal? Is he the kind of alpha a spirited omega like Dean wish for?

Author: liliaeth
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Cover Art: Lylithj2
Type: Fanfiction of the Supernatural TV Series, 33,084 words (Completed fanfic)
Genre: Alternate Universe M/M Fiction, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Victor Henriksen, Gordon Walker, Zachariah (Supernatural), Ellen Harvelle, Kevin Tran, Tamara (Supernatural), Calvin Reidy
Tags/Keywords: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, dub-con, Brainwashing, Sexism, Bottom Dean, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Slavery, Gender Roles

In a world where Omegas are treated as perpetual children, with only few more rights than pets, Dean spent most of his life hiding that he was an Omega. When his true gender is discovered in the worst possible way, Dean is sent in the guardianship of his younger brother Sam. Omegas after all, can’t look after themselves.


* Reviewed on April 5th, 2014


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