Wednesday, 6 November 2013

[REVIEW] Expecting Andrew by Colin Milton

Recommended for: Don't be bothered. Not worth the price of USD6
Read on November 05, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1
Bought from on 16 Oct 2013 @ USD4.63 (discounted)

2 Stars Only. Totally not worthy of its price tag.

Taken around the bush the entire story only to find the elusive candy jar towards the last couple of pages.

I hate it when they do this to us readers. Especially for fetish short-stories books like this. Why can't they just give us readers what we obliviously wanted as per the advertised theme.

This book is close to USD5 for just merely 11,310 words. Hurts right? Hurts more when you aren't getting your money worth. This book is supposed to be all about ABDL, infantilism fetish cum femdom yet you'll only get your fix of it towards the last couple of pages??? Outrageous!

This is not my first book by this author, but this one lets me down totally. *sulking*

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Title: Expecting Andrew
Author: Colin Milton
Publication Date: August 26th, 2011
Type: Short Story (approximately 11,310 words)
Genre: Adult Baby, Infantilism, Femdom, Fetish, Contemporary, Non-con
Tags/Keywords: abdl, age-play_infantilism, alpha-dominant-female, short-stories, captive-captivity-confinement, contemporary, cuckold, dominance-submission, noncon, fantasy, femdom, feminism, fetish_kink, humiliation-or-degradationmanipulative-characterreluctant-forced, restricted-freedom, special-abilities-power_magic, timid-protagonist, young-man_youth, mummy, mommy, diaper, ab, nappy, nappies, dl, adult baby, female domination, regression

When Andrew Davies sets off to build a new life for himself, he feels lucky to have found what appears to be the perfect lodgings in a picturesque English village - populated primarily it, seems, by beautiful women and small children.

Andrew is introduced to, and falls in love with Kari, who returns his affections but somehow remains distant from him.

It is only after Andrew has lived in the village for a while that Kari's true intentions for him become clear. It's a new life for Andrew that he could never have envisaged.

**Suitable for over 18's only. This book contains adult themes and ideas.**

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