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[REVIEW] Luke's Brutal Abduction (The Whole Story) by Brad Vance

My rating: 3.8 of 5 stars
Recommended by: Vivian Archer
Recommended for: Hardcore BDSM aficionados
Read from November 10 to 14, 2013 — I own a copy (Got it free on 25-Oct-2013 from Smashwords with promo coupon)

3.8 Stars. Love the Rawness, the Wildness and all that Rough Manhandling.

I find the total power exchange between Luke and Slader very arousing. Luke's total devotion and surrender to his master was what makes all those hardcore BDSM sessions between them so hot. Luke Mitchum worship Slader Jacobs like a god. He would lick the ground Slader walks on if that the only thing that would get his master's attention.

Subconsciously, Luke has been seeking for someone worthy of his trust, someone whom he could respect and let himself go completely. Slader, a no-nonsense ex-Marine was the only master Luke would and could surrender himself completely.
[ "This whole slave thing was not natural to him; he knew guys who’d get down on the ground and slobber for anyone in a bar who called himself a “master,” but not Luke, no way. It took someone of Slader’s magnitude – his handsome face, his chiseled bod, his overall badassery, to force, yes, force Luke to become someone else if he wanted to have more of Slader. ]
I like that Luke is not a wimpy sub, knows what he wants and would go all out to get it.
[ Since that night he’d learned what intimacy could be, what heights of physical intensity he could reach with a single man, if that man was dedicated to the craft of sex, the art of sadism, and Luke was his sole canvas. ]

Needless to say, Slader is exactly the type of master to fulfill Luke's fantasy to be used and abused hard.
It was a delight to watch Luke's pursue of Slader and his sweet surrender at the domineering hands of his badass master. Me thinks, Super Masochist Luke and Baddass PainGyver Slader is a match made in heaven. They are truly an unconventional couple. Truthfully, I was rather surprised to find romance in it and finding it kind of sweet too.
I liked this quote very much but it is a tad spoilerish:
[ It was a chain. A slender, silver chain, but a chain nonetheless. Slader’s eyes drilled his. “You put this on, you’re committing to more than just a fling in my basement. You put this on, and you’re mine. Maybe I don’t call you for weeks. Maybe I make you service my crew again. Maybe I cut that boot up and serve it to you. Maybe I take you to Folsom Street Fair and make you my bitch in front of God and everyone. But…” he held up a hand. “But I also take care of you. I make you cum. I don’t touch another man, and neither do you, unless I make you.” He flushed. “I don’t know about this love shit. But this is what I can offer now. Me. Take me or leave me, as I am.” ]
I love every session these two had together. And there's never a dull moment in this book. It was a very engrossing read indeed. The author is good at building up tension and getting his reader's adrenaline pumping; that kidnap scene really excites me much and then there's the much sought after subsequent gangbanging episode which Luke was totally drooling over. Lol. Besides that, the good characterization is also commendable as they are very realistic to me.

This book oozes masculinity and I find that a refreshing change from the usual fare. What I didn't like much was the fluid exchange kink - ewwwweee.... so not my thing although I am fine with the Golden Showers.

I think those who read this story by installments might miss the slow burn romance these two characters had as it was rather subtle. Therefore it is best to read the bundled version instead. Oh, and don't let that jarring title stop you from reading this. The title might sound harsh but it is all consensual play here; Kinky randy men playing with each other and having a blast.

As a side note, this book reminds me much of Master's Dungeon by Alex Morgan as the submissive protagonist in it was somewhat similar to Luke when it comes to the level of submission and devotion to his master. The masters in both stories are harsh and badass. However, Master's Dungeon is definitely on the extreme end - click here to know what I mean about that book.

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Author: Brad Vance
Publication Date: October 18th, 2013
Type: Bundled version (5 books in 1), 40,820 words (approximate)
Genre:M/M, Gay, Romance, Contemporary, Torture, Dominance-Submission, Consensual, Hardcore
Click to View:
gay, rough sex, gang bang, sadism-masochism, dungeon, kidnap, alpha male, bondage, bareback, cock-cage, body-harness, consensual, corporal punishment, dog slave, dominance-submission, gangbang, hand-job, blow-job, deep-throat, multiple partners/orgy, maledom, musclebound, master-slave, orgasm denial, pain-pleasure, realistic, slow burn romance, supersized cock, twisted-love, voyeurism, willing slave, submissive protagonist

BANNED ON AMAZON!!!! The complete saga of Luke and Slader! Luke hasn’t been the same since he saw “Jamie’s Brutal Abduction,” an S&M porn flick in which a young man is kidnapped and made to service a gang of guys in a dirty basement. When he finds out that the movie’s star Slader Jacobs runs a real “kidnapping service,” he’s on his knees begging to be yanked off the streets...


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