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[REVIEW] The Slave Catcher by Lilia Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from October 23 to November 03, 2013 — ARC from author

A 3.5 stars rounding up to 4 stars for all those funny moments.

It was kinda fun seeing the intriguing alien world through the sole narrator cum protagonist, Sam Beron aka Eron Burad of the Maradi species. The Maradis are space nomads who prefers living on board starship instead of being planetside. Sam is considered an outcast as he is clanless and loves staying planentside which was considered a taboo amongst his people. He just happen to be the odd one out that hates space flying.

There are plenty of funny moments with Sam's awkwardness in dealing with his surroundings and events. Makes one wonder if he has chosen the right career; he's currently a Locator, some sort of Private Investigator. Although to him it felt more than natural since he is an avid Earth detective TV series fanboy. So much so that he paid a small fortune to upgrade his translator implant just for the sake of watching these PI vids in its original language. Even his new moniker, Sam Beron after he was ousted by his own Maradi clan was inspired by these PI vids.

Truthfully I felt that apart from Sam's amusing antics and perviness he wasn't a compelling enough character to steer the story along. In other words he should shine or at least stand out more than the other side characters since he is supposed to be the protagonist of this story. Thing is, he felt more like a-not-so-important side character that lacks strong presence. I kept feeling that we could just lose him and go straight to the premise itself; the Borathians and their Bonds who serves them as pleasure slave and the conflict over slavery within the Verse and their own sacred rulings on the bonding process.

Unfortunately the main story was somewhat diluted due to placing too much focus on Sam and his surrounding. If this is a normal novel length story, such lengthy world-building are indeed golden. To be fair, I did find the world-building in this story delightful.

The story ended with a couple of unanswered questions such as why the Borathians place such importance on finding a slave to bond, why did they value their bonded slave so highly when it feels like they are not irreplaceable nor are they exclusive-fated-pairing with unbreakable bond. I also wish to learn more of those 'Energy-Exchange' between the Master Borathians and their bonded ones. The telepathy link between them is also an intriguing subject to explore further on.

Another part which I had hope to read more about was the interactions between the bonded slave and their master which was inadequate to appease my Master & Pet/Slave love appetite especially for a story that carries such a theme. Anyhoo, this is only a matter of personal preference.

I did enjoyed the part where Elia and his bonded Master, Raphael openly display their affection towards each other. It was a lovely sight to behold. Elia was like a sexy little kitten there seeking out some sweet attention from his master. *chuckles* I want to pet and cuddle him close too. Can't do the same with Liam cos he might scratch my eyes out.

Actually I couldn't quite figure out Liam the other Earth boy who was bonded to Zachariel another one of those all powerful Borathians. I didn't mean that he's uninteresting, it's just that he didn't get the chance to show more of himself as the story was short and time is limited.

While Raphael seems to be a decent and respectful master, Zachariel was quite the opposite which makes me wonder why on earth would Liam make that final decision when Sam asked him to choose. It just makes it harder to believe that...
...they are in love with each other. Maybe that's because we don't have their background story to fall back on hence making their romance questionable.
I blame it on the weakness of short-stories which limits the time for proper elaborations to be made.

Overall, it was a fun story and one with much potential. I would definitely hope for a sequel or a prequel that focus on the Master & Pet/Slave; the bonding process, the conditioning techniques applied on the slaves and the tough loving the masters pours onto their slaves. *evil grin*.

Get a glimpse of Sam Beron, Elia, Liam, Raphael, Zachariel and Star City over here at a Pinterest Board graciously compiled by the author.

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Title: The Slave Catcher
Author: Lilia Ford
Publication Date: October 15th, 2013
Type: Short Story (16,000 words)
Genre: M/M, LGBT, Science Fiction, BDSM, Dub-con
Tags/Keywords: scifi_or_futuristic, gay_mm, slave_slavery, master-slave, dubcon_noncon, yaoi-boyslove-shonenai, anthologies_n_short-stories, alien, bondage_use-of-restrains, bdsm, captured-kidnapped, cover-love, dominance-submission, interspecies, maledom, master-pet, matings-bondings, xenophilia-sex-with-aliens, young-man_youth, adored-loved-pet-mate-sub-slave, alpha-dominant-male, amazing-worldbuilding, author-female, beyond-earth, bishonen_pretty-boy, captive-captivity-confinement, consensual, corporal-punishments, cute-adorable-character, erotica, hea_happily-ever-after, hurt-comfort, loving-adoring-partner, naughty-cheeky-character, pleasure-slaves_sexual-slave-pet, possesive-partner-master-dom, profound-physical-size-difference, public-sex, restricted-freedom, sensual_erotic, twink_small-size-character, whipping-flogging-caning, romance, humor_fun-read_comedy, oral-sex, voyeurism

Star City, best known for its brothels and casinos, is one of the few planets in the quadrant that outlaws slavery—for everyone, that is, except the galaxy bullies, the Borathians. Telepaths and recent conquerors of a backwards planet named Earth, the Borathians are simply too powerful to refuse. A special treaty allows them to bring their pleasure slaves or “bonds” onto the planet, and if one escapes, they have five days to recover him.

Sam Beron, private locator, may have been born on a Maradi space cruiser, but Star City is his home now and he’d say he despises slavery as much as any native. Unfortunately, a run of bad luck at the casino tables leaves him flat broke and scavenging expired military rations out of a neighboring dumpster. Next thing he knows, the Borathians are offering him a fortune to track down one of their escaped bonds, a beautiful Earth boy named Liam. What's a hungry locator to do?
Warning: Adult readers only: Erotic M/M Content, BDSM elements, Dubious Consent. This story contains a morally, financially, and sartorially challenged alien PI, some gorgeous if foul-mouthed earth boys, and explicit descriptions of sexual, ahem, congress between the same. If you disapprove of bad words, ugly Aloha shirts, or sexual relations with alien species please do not read this book.

NOTE: This is an ARC extended to me by the author.

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A feisty slave is calling to me. I hope he is naughty as hell. It makes punishing him all the more sweeter.

I like this cover too. It even looks great thumbnail size.

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