Monday, 4 November 2013

[FREEBIES] The Venus de Milo Murders by Dennis Manuel

FREE AUDIOBOOKS: Performed by multiple voice actors just like a modern-day radio dramas.

I've just stumbled upon this interesting FREE mystery drama audiobook. It was acted out by several voice actors and there's even special effects sound - like the sound of knife cutting through flesh. ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→

I really like the quality of the narration and it's pretty engaging.

[This video is just a short sample. You can go to this link for the entire book]

Take a look at the blurb, it's quite promising too:

One morning Billionaire Jack Danner looked out at his Priceless sculpture garden and saw the dead body of a beautiful woman, cut up to look like the famous Venus de Milo statue.

He couldn’t believe that the infamous killer had returned after a ten year hiatus. He immediately called Tommy Fallon, the retired detective in charge of the original case, and offered him two million dollars to find out who put the body there. It was an offer Tommy couldn’t refuse.

The detective had spent four years of his life chasing the Venus de Milo serial killer only to lose his career, marriage, self-confidence and faith in law enforcement.

You can start listening to it over (〜^∇^)〜 here for FREE .

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