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[REVIEW] I See The Devil by Cyma Rizwaan Khan

Recommended by: ARC from the author
Read from December 30, 2013 to January 07, 2014 — I own a copy

This is all about the Good vs Evil and who's side is the good side. It would force you to pick a side then make you question if you are really capable of true goodness. AND at the end of the story, you would definitely view Satan and the Angels with a different light.

The story revolves around Jeremy Pearce a mental hospital escapist and his meeting with Lucifer the famous fallen angel, the devil himself. The manipulative charms of the devil is very much like the siren call so it's understandable how Jeremy readily falls into the devil's plan to bring forth the Apocalypse. Jeremy was told he was an essential ingredient for Lucifer's grand design for humankind or we should call it the idealistic re-designing of humankind. Lucifer's offer was tempting enough that I caught myself fantasizing about it. It is something most would die for and here, Lucifer eagerly proffers it. Of course nothing in life comes for free especially for such a coveted prize. What are you willing to sacrifice? Best still, who's life are you willing to use as a trading chip to secure said prize?

What good would come out of following the devil? Jeremy was lead into committing various horrid deeds, some was willingly done while there are others not as eagerly carried out by him. This crazy journey with the devil has certainly changed Jeremy. For the better or for the worst? I'll leave that to you to make that judgment for yourself. Afterall this story is about making the right choices and for that we need to polish our judgment skill.

I did like some aspects of this book. Like how it would sometimes compel me to evaluate myself, makes me think a little deeper. Asides from that there are a number of quotes I liked and below is a quote which is simple yet forceful enough to remind us of that we have always forgotten to take good advantage of our mind power. We should really be a good slave driver when it comes with our mind. Make it work harder for us. Abuse it more and often. Make it yield to us in total submission!

Most of us does tend to underestimate the power of the mind and the marvel of the universe. In essence we are all a mass of energies, each with our own unique frequencies. I believe that our thoughts are very much like radio signals to the universe to select the channels we wanted. Fundamentally, we hold our own future because our thoughts brings us our future. Hence do be careful of what you wish for >:D

I enjoyed trying to figure out Lucifer and having him keeping me on my toes. He is such an elusive guy. A goal driven entity fearless in pursuing his ideal and always confident with himself. Like Jeremy, I couldn't take his word without a measure of doubt although it is very hard not to be swayed by his persuasiveness. He could be so sweet and nice when he wanted to be.

There is a point where I felt the book zaps all my happiness away and I am left moping in the dark. Also there are times when I felt like putting the book aside to stop it from further draining my energy. Asides that, the going was painfully slow for me in the beginning and I had to push myself a little to continue. Maybe too much preaching from the devil? The brainwashing is tiring me out. Lol. As for the horror aspect, I am curiously undisturbed although it wasn't lacking in the morbid department since this is a horror fiction.

I am also not liking how some plots doesn't smooth over well enough for me to eat it up. Besides that, at times Jeremy's idiotic moves frustrates me and jolts me out of the believe-zone. Lastly I am sorry to say the ending didn't worked for me. It was anti-climax and too simplistic after all that initial grand buildup. I see strings hanging and I am itching to tie it up like a pretty bow just to quench my thirst to know how some things would end. Sniffing and pouting a little, the ending left me dying in a desert alone and lonely, that's figuratively speaking of course. Maybe it's just me... just my over inquisitiveness to be blamed for feeling such a way. Everybody does have their own unique perception right. Okay, if anyone is pressing to know if this one ends with a sweet happily ever after... click the spoiler below.
Yes, you are safe to proceed with this wonderfully dark book as you will certainly see the rainbows you wanted at the end of the tunnel. It may be a foggy one but it is a rainbow since the hero survived and gain much needed inner strengths he lacks of before his hellish journey. Safe to say it's a HFN.

To be clear, I am happy with the outcome for the protagonist, only disappointed the ending was too mild, nothing like the earth shattering ending I expected.

NOTE: This is an ARC copy extended to me by the author.


Title: I See The Devil
Author: Cyma Rizwaan Khan
Publication Date: January 5th, 2014
Type: Novel, 48,714 words (approximate)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural
Tags/Keywords: asylum, mental hospital, mental patient, mental hospital escapist, devil, satan, fallen angel, Lucifer, angels, archangels, Antichrist, supernatural, mysticism, evil, darkness, immortality, apocalypse, darkfics, dark story, dismemberment, mutilation, dungeon, family issue, ghost/apparition, HFN, horror, injury, magic, special abilities, philosophical, physical abuse/torture, revenge-punishment, ruthless killer, murders, attempted murders, manipulative antagonist, stubborn and rebellious protagonist, substance-abuse, suicidal-suicide, supernatural, thriller.

Insanity goes deeper than the soul. At least that's what 27 year old Jeremy Pearce is beginning to experience. He sees the devil; a devil who is hell-bent on bringing down the apocalypse.
Will Jeremy be able to save the world before it's too late?


* Reviewed on January 7th, 2014

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