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[REVIEW] Virgin Tentacle Sacrifice by Mike Ox

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Recommended by: ARC
Recommended for: Tentacle-sex fans. Who else? Duh
Read from January 26 to 27, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

3.5 Smexy Kinky Stars!

Tal a warrior of the Jaguar clan and the son of the ex-headman was chosen by his ruler as a human sacrifice for the village to appease the many-headed god who dwells in the mountain. He has lived as an outcast after his family's tragic death in the fire caused by an enemy from the Bear clan who is now gloating over the pleasure of delivering Tal up the mountain to meet his death. Will Tal be able to survive the ordeal to return home and seek his revenge when no one has ever returned from that mountain?

I liked that the author understands there is no time to lose when it comes to short erotica and gets right down to business of the tentacles sexing and stays there to make the most of it. It was unlike so many other tentacle erotica that I've read which insist on bringing me on a merry go round circling a plot for ages before we could get to what matters most - the tent-sex. They always left me feeling cheated. But not Virgin Tentacle Sacrifice, it stays on course with its theme and I love the author for that. This fact alone is ranking up points from me. I love that I get what I was promised on the blurb and theme.

The tentacle monster here has quite a domineering and borderline sadistic streak. It was delightful to watch him tame his human pet. All that manhandling is making me all swoony. As an erotica, this book is totally right on the mark. It achieved what it is out to achieve even with the limited word count.

The breathplay parts (yes, plural) are thrilling. It involves some drowning and choking and then odd underwater breathing assistance. Odd yes but original and brave. The underwater shagging was sexciting. It was later coupled with some hot and dangerous gang-banging which then lead to an in-sync spit-roasting. Hmm... this book kinda has it all ain't it? Even a bukkake from nine cocks!

So here are some of my peeves. I found the writing somewhat inconsistent and this includes the characters as well especially the MC. At times the writing was also a little confusing. Like how a tentacle could turn into a cock in the middle of sex? Or where the hell did that cock comes from? Is he sucking on a cock now or was it one of the tentacles? Maybe it's just me losing focus on things. *shrugs*

The other thing is the insta-love which I find hard to believe. It's like the main character has ingested love potion, he was suddenly bursting with lovey dovey feels for someone who has been tormenting him continuously ever since they first met. Then again, maybe he is super masochistic. Or... he is still wet behind the ears, clueless on the matter of love.

Overall, I liked it. It's worth the time reading and experiencing it. A couple of scenes did got me pretty excited, that's what counts most in erotica. I would definitely love to read other books by Mike Ox.

NOTE: This is an ARC extended to me by the author.

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Author: Mike Ox
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2013
Type: Short Story (4 in 1 Bundle), 12,800 words
Genre: Gay Erotica, Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Tags/Keywords: dubcon, bondage, domination, submission, humiliation, tentacle whips, tentacle spanking, orgasm denial, tentacle oral, 69, virgin anal sex, double penetration, tentacle fisting, breath play, choking, a tentacle gangbang, bukkake, insta-love, hurt-comfort, forced seduction


The headman has had a vision, and Tal must be sacrificed to the many-headed god who dwells on top of the mountain. Tal will only be able to right certain wrongs if he survives. The god has always destroyed what he’s been given. But if he pleases the god, Tal might get the chance he’s been waiting for.

Tal can only run for so long. The god has him trapped, and now Tal has no choice but to follow him into his cave. Tal shudders at being forced to obey Atl, but the two have something in common that he never could have foreseen.

Tal knows how Atl can avenge the one who cursed him, but Atl thinks that Tal just wants to escape. To test his captive, the god replicates himself. If Tal can’t pick out the real Atl among the three that tantalize him with pleasure and pain, he’ll be trapped with the god forever.

Tal wants revenge, and Atl wants to be free. They can have both if they can convince the gods of their love. They’ll have to be forceful to attract divine attention, for the gods dwell a world away…

Warning! This 12,800-word collection contains reluctant consent, bondage, submission, humiliation, tentacle whips, tentacle spanking, orgasm denial, tentacle oral, tentacle BDSM, tentacle 69ing, first time anal in a raging whirlpool, double penetration, tentacle fisting, breath play, choking, a tentacle gangbang, and an explosive bukkake finish. Intended for adults only.


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* Reviewed on January 27th, 2014


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