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[REVIEW] 隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi] by Masara Minase

隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi]隣にいるのに、遠い [Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi] by Masara Minase
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Read on January 18, 2014 

I liked the art but the story messes with my Yaoifangirl mind. I mean there's a total role reversal of rescuing the damsel here. I love feisty Ukes but a Seme that needs saving from his Uke?

This Uke is not only feisty but forward as well. He has no qualms asking to be fuq by his Seme.

And, and, and... it's his first time with a guy too. (#/。\#)

So okay, it has a refreshing twist from the norms of Yaoihood. Just that I am quite a bit of a conservative Yaoifangirl. I tend to love the 'Regular Yaoi' formula bit too much.


Title: 隣にいるのに、遠い Tonari ni Iru no ni Tooi
Associated Names: 咫尺天涯的距离 / 近在咫尺卻達在天涯 / 隣にいるのに、遠い / You're Right by My Side, yet So Far Away
Author: Masara Minase
Publication Date: 2008
Type: Manga
Genre: Yaoi, Boys Love, Contemporary, Romance, School Life
Tags/Keywords: Best Friends, Childhood Friend/s, Confession, Drunk, Friends Become Lovers, Popular Male Lead, Possessive Lover/s, Post-Secondary School, Student/s, Womanizer/s

Nagisa's good friend, Igarashi Taiga, is the popular guy at their university. After being compared to Taiga as a lover, Nagisa keeps wondering and questions Taiga, who demonstrates his skills with a hot kiss...

What will come after that?

* Reviewed on January 18th, 2014


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